Mission -

Fountain of Youth Medispa and Texas Medical and Wellness Clinic is the brainchild of Nhi Le, M.D., double board certified internal medicine, aesthetic and anti-aging physician and recognized physician and lecturer. The name “Fountain of Youth Medispa and Texas Medical and Wellness Clinic” has a very special meaning. It purposely unites the concept of feeling healthy, strong and energetic and looking radiant. Dr Nhi Le knows her clients want to look as good as they feel and to present a youthful, vital and confident appearance, at every age! Fountain of Youth Medispa and Texas Medical and Wellness Clinic is committed to providing advanced aesthetic enhancements and skin care and Anti-Aging Medical treatments through MD developed, performed and supervised services within the relaxing, luxurious and convenient atmosphere of a day spa. Fountain of Youth Medispa is a unique spa ahead of the times.

Fountain of Youth provides state of the art laser treatments for face, body and hair; Endymed 3 DEEP RF tightening; MD-performed nonsurgical cosmetic enhancements such as Botox®Dysport®Juvederm®, and Radiesse®; medical grade facials and pharmaceutical grade Paraben-free skin care are just a few of the things we do at the Fountain of Youth. What sets us apart is our ability to create natural results that fit any budget in addition to our commitment to ensuring you receive a wonderful experience with world class customer service. From our one of a kind non-surgical facelift to our monthly gym for the skin, we want to ensure that you are getting just what you need.

Come enjoy a glass of health enhancing alkaline water or organic flowering Jasmine green tea, nibble on organic truffles or nuts while you wait to receive your youth-enhancing treatment. Discover a new level of Medispa at Fountain of Youth Medispa.

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