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Whole Body Detox in Texas

Our body organs play important roles in eliminating toxins from our body through natural process. Cleansing of the toxins is undertaken by organs like liver, lungs, kidneys and the digestive tract. In the process, the toxins that are water soluble are eliminated with ease through urine, sweat and stool. But the case with fat-soluble compounds is different as they would require enzyme produced by liver to break them down so they become soluble in water and washed away via intestine and kidneys.

whole body detox in victoria texas

When the natural detoxification will become ineffective?

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Endymed 3Deep By Dr. Nhi Le – Your Skin’s Best Friend

If you are fed up of lose skin, wrinkles, cellulite or extra fat around the body then EndyMed 3 Deep is the absolute treatment procedure for you. It is an FDA cleared treatment that ensures fantastic results for wrinkles, fine lines, skin tightening, body contouring, and it also treat cellulite. Basically, it is a one stop solution for all your rejuvenation needs. In fact, it is a non-invasive treatment so, you don’t have to bear cuts, wounds or long downtime. This machine comes with variety of attachments and handpieces that helps to provide customized treatment as per your requirement. You can easily avail the treatment in Texas by Dr. Nhi Le.

How […]

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Aesthetic facials for Flawless winter skin for men and women in Texas

Winters brings joy, and pleasing breeze with fancy jackets in your wardrobe. Besides, it also takes away the nourishment of skin. Your skin may look dehydrated, dry and dull. Many of us try different products to look equally good in the season. The problem is more prominent when you do not get the right choice for facial skin. Well! Here is the solution for both men and women. If, you are living in Texas and looking for perfect winter skin solution then, Dr. Nhi Le has wonderful facials for you.

Yes! You got us right. An expert dermatologist has blend of facials that suit both men and women. For men, […]

Dermal Fillers and Injectables in Victoria, Texas

Dermal fillers and injectables are among the most transformative non-surgical treatments available. The formulations work with your skin to soften wrinkles and add volume. The team of Dr. Nhi Le at Fountain of Youth Medical Spa offers dermal fillers and injectables for men and women in Victoria, Austin, Corpus Christi and the surrounding areas of Texas.

What Are Dermal Fillers and Injectables?

Dermal fillers and injectables are non-surgical anti-aging treatments that fill in lines and wrinkles, as well as add volume to the features of your face. We offer a full range of facial fillers to meet the unique needs of every patient.

iS CLINICAL – Captivating and Effective Solution to All Your Skin Needs

iS CLINICAL is a perfect skin care solution where each product is designed to give you better and flawless looks. The iS clinical regimen is to cleanse, treat, hydrate, and protect the skin from any potential damage. It ensures to give you younger, brighter and youthful appearance. The array of its product includes skin serum, eye complex, lip elixir, body serum, honey cleanser, shield recovery balm, super serum and many more. Basically, it has wide range of products ensuring your tip to toe beauty and skin health.

iS CLINICAL skin products texas

If you are concerned about […]

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Plasma Pen – The Safest and Non-Surgical Treatment for Skin Tightening

Plasma pen is one of the most advanced and non-surgical technologies for skin tightening, face lifts and much more. Unlike other treatments the plasma pen therapy does not damage any surrounding tissue of treated area. There will be no open wounds or skin thinning during the treatment. It is virtually painless or you may experience minimum level of pain with negligible downtime. It is an FDA cleared plasma energy device that converts electrical energy to gaseous diatomic molecular nitrogen. It is further transmitted to the skin’s surface to eradicate fine lines, wrinkles and other aging effects on skin.

Due to the high success rate of this therapy, it is highly […]

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Yolo Curve Laser Treatment in Texas to Melt and Contour Fat

Curve Lipo Laser Treatment

Fountain of youth medical spa in Victoria, Texas offers non-surgical body contouring treatments to help you achieve your appearance goals, including the YOLO Curve laser. The YOLO Curve was designed to specifically address body contouring through inch loss. Administered in relaxing 20-minute sessions, the YOLO Curve provides inch loss, but without the pain, the risks, or the extensive recovery time associated with surgery. By directly targeting fat cells, The YOLO Curve offers a safe and effective spot fat reduction solution that can be applied to multiple problem areas.

The […]

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iS CLINICAL beauty range- Best friend of your skin

iS Clinical is one of the leading and skin care brands of America that was founded in the year 2002. The brand has introduced high quality range of products that include serum, sun protectants, moisturizers, cleansers and treatments. These are some of the mainstream product launched by tis brand since it was founded. These are new generation products that can fit into any regimen to make your skin healthier and better than ever. iS Clinical products are uniquely shielded by advanced DNA protection and gives you flawless skin with all round fortification from damaging elements.

iS CLINICAL- Product Range And […]

Y-Lift: Effective and Convenient Method of Face Lift and Sculpting

Y-lift is a minimally invasive and non-surgical method of face lifting. It has negligible or no downtime and very effective, long-lasting and instant procedure. The best thing about this Y-lift procedure is that it defines each feature on the face perfectly and flawlessly. Besides, the most important thing is to hire a correct service. Dr. Nhi le is one of the most promising professionals in Victoria’s Texas for y-lift procedure. The basic principle of Y lift procedure is to provide Y shaped facial contours including jawline and cheek bones. To get the most out of the treatment Dr. Nhi Le is the most trusted dermatologist that ensures to give you the perfect face contouring with […]

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Get Rid of Aged Skin and Wrinkles with Dr. Nhi Le’s Liquid Face & Neck Lift Procedure

Do you have wrinkles on face? Does it make you look older than your actual age? Well! You should know about liquid face and neck lift then. It is a non-surgical method to give you a wrinkle free and plum face with perfect neck that is equally supple. Liquid face and neck lift are elusive than any other dermatological lifting procedure. It does not involve any cuts, wounds, sagging or pain in the treated area. The procedure involves injection of dermal fillers into the skin that makes it covetable than before. It reduces sagging and wrinkles on the skin and ensures to […]

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