Massage -


A wonderfully soothing treatment that includes a variety of massage techniques combined with the healing properties of heated river stones. These stones are placed on key tension areas to open the chakras or energy channels. This massage is designed to take you into a deep state of relaxation.


A full-body massage designed to promote wellness of mind, body and spirit. This classic technique of muscle manipulation eases aches and tension and greatly improves blood and lymphatic circulation. The result is a sensation of enhanced relaxation and an overall sense of well being.


A boon for the sports enthusiast, this therapeutic massage uses deep pressure on trigger points to relieve soreness, and various stretching techniques to relieve muscle fatigue and induce flexibility. This is an ideal treatment after a day of vigorous activity.


Deep tissue massage uses deep, very slow movements. This treatment is recommended for those who like deep pressure and are accustomed to frequent massages.


The ultimate in stress relief. A complex but gentle massage expertly applied to key cranial areas promotes healing and relieves tension, followed by manipulation and massage of the feet, with careful application of pressure to stress-related trigger points. Our guests report an amazing sense of relief and relaxation resulting from this treatment. Please note that a soothing warm oil is applied to the scalp to facilitate the cranial massage.


Tell us how you would like your massage and we will personalize it for you. Are there certain areas of your body you would like your therapist to focus on? Do you like stretching, deep tissue or perhaps a more gentle massage? Let us know the techniques and pressure that suit you best and we will make sure your personalized experience is just the way you like it.


A rejuvenating combination of a massage focused on the back, neck & shoulders, followed by a relaxing foot massage.