Hair Removal -
Traditionally, hair removal has been a very painful procedure of waxing, shaving, tweezing, or electrolysis. However laser technology has made hair removal a lot less painful. Despite the efficiency of hair removal lasers, the process is impacted by the fact that hair grows in cycles. As a result, it usually takes several treatments to achieve permanent hair reduction.Hair growth is also influenced by heredity, hormonal changes, as well as stress, and medication.

How hair Grows – The Hair Cycle

Hair cycles may vary among different individuals, but it generally takes about 4 to 12 weeks for hair to grow from the papilla, to the skin surface. The length of time also depends on the area of the body or face that hair growth is taking place.
The hair cycle can be broken down into 3 phases namely, Anagen, Catagen, Telogen. The Anagen or growth phase is the only stage at which hair can be removed with the laser. It is at this time thatthe hair is above the skin and very visible. Removal is also possible because the hair is attached to the papilla at the hair root, which makes it come it easily.
Next is the catagen or short transitionalstage, which signals the end of the anagen phase. In the course of this stage the hairfollicle shrinks as the hair prepares to shed. Finally, there is the telogen or resting phase, throughout which no growth takes place.

Laser Hair Removal

When it comes to laser hair removal, there are a range of options available. However, in order to achieve optimal results, the right laser must be used for your hair type. Fountain of Youth MedSpa’s laser technicians are RNs and aestheticians, trained and supervised by Dr. Nhi Le.

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