Melanage Peel -

Melanage Peel

melanage peelAt the Fountain of Youth MediSpa, we use the intense Melanage Peel, to treat melasma, which is a brown skin discoloration that occurs on the face. It is often aggravated by hormonal imbalances which occur as a result of taking contraceptive pills, or due to pregnancy. It can also result from excessive sun exposure.

About the Melanage Peel
The Melanage Peel is designed to treat pigmentation issues at the root. The peel is applied to the skin, and left there for several hours. During this time,it slowly makes its way to the deep layers of the skin. When the peel is rinsed away the dead skin cells are removed, as well as the discoloration associated with hyperpigmentation. Patients notice dramatic results after just one treatment.

The Melanage peel is a short procedure that takes about 20 minutes, and is virtually painless. After treatment you are left with a sticky ‘mask’on the face, which must stay there for a minimum of 6 hours. Patients are given a full home care kit with all the products and instructions they will need to remove this mask at home.

Pre and Post Melanage Peel Procedures
Patients are advised to stop using Retinoic acids at least 2 weeks before the scheduled appointment for the Melanage peel.
Due to the aggressive nature of the Melanage peel,patients can expect intense redness up to 10 days after the procedure. The skin may retain its pink hue up to 6 months, but this can be covered with makeup.

Patients compare the after surgery feeling to sunburn. During healing, patients must stay out of the sun, and the skin must be kept as moist as possible. After the skin heals,care must be taken to protect the skin, and also use sunscreen.