PinPointe laser nail fungus removal

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Laser Nail Fungus Removal in Victoria, TX

Want Clearer Nails? Try Laser Nail Fungus Removal
Chances are you enjoy wearing wear chic, comfortable sandals in the warm summer months, especially if the heat makes your feet get all sticky and sweaty. However, if you are among the 14% of Americans bothered by nail fungus, then you may have to wear shoes and keep those unsightly nails hidden. Laser nail fungus removal is the ideal way to restore the beauty of your nails.

Nail fungus or onychomycosis is characterized by nails that are thick, brittle, and discolored. The condition is the result of an infection on the nail bed, caused by fungi. It can affect the fingernails or toenails, but more commonly occurs on the latter.

Anti-fungal agents have traditionally been used to treat nail fungus, but often do not cure the infection, and they also have some serious side-effects. The fact that nail fungus often reoccurs, makes an effective solution like laser nail fungus treatment all the more important to ensure complete removal of the pathogen.

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PinPonte Foot Laser Treatment
PinPoint toesnail fungus laserThe PinPonte Foot laser treatment is one of the most efficient laser treatments for nail fungus.  The laser has been approved by the FDA for the clearing nails affected by onychomycosis.

The PinPonte laser treatment is a very easy way to get healthier, clearer nails once again. It is a virtually painless procedure that can be done in-office. One session lasts for about 30 minutes, and it takes between 3-5 sessions to achieve the desired results. However patients have experienced significant improvement after a single session.

The PinPonte laser emits intense laser light that targets the fungus on the nail bed. It does this without damaging the nail, or the surrounding healthy tissue. No adverse reaction or side-effects have been reported with the use of PinPonte laser treatment, and it is a highly recommended laser solution for nail fungus removal.

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