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Did you refer someone to us?

When you refer a friend to Fountain of Youth Medical Spa, you have paid us a very high compliment. So if you have referred someone to us you will be glad you did, because we have a reward for you. It’s our way of saying ‘thank you’ for your show of support and confidence in our skin care treatment. The Fountain of Youth Ambassador Rewardsis our way of giving back to you, and the friends you refer to us.
For each and every new referral you make, you will receive points worth  $25.00. Your Reward Points can be used toward a treatment of your choice, and you can take this up at any time, because the points do not expire. We also have Fountain of Youth Gift Cards that we can give you to distribute to your friends.

Were you referred to us by an FOY Ambassador?

If you were referred to our Center by a friend, then be sure to tell us, because we want your friend to know how pleased we are by the referral. If a friend referred you to us, then you can automatically earn Fountain of Youth points worth $25.00. These points can be used towards your next treatment, but cannot be used to purchase products. Simply tell us the name of the friend who referred you to us, and we will be happy to send you your FOY gift card.
* Subject to your being assessed a good candidate for treatment. Fountain of Youth Ambassador Gift Cards & Points are not valid with any other offer, and can not be combined with any other special or discounts. Fountain of Youth Ambassador Points cannot be used with prescriptions (Latisse, HCG, Hormones etc). Fountain of Youth Ambassador Points contain no cash value. They are kept in our computer system so you never have to worry about them being lost

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