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Our Training

Our Training

Dr. Nhi Le has undergone advanced training from leading doctors in the field of Aesthetic Medicine

Nhi Le, M.D. FACP

– Board Certified
Cosmetic Dermatology
Functional & Regenerative Medicine – Board Certified

Dr. Nhi Le has 10 years experience in cosmetic treatments, and she is the most skillful doctor injecting neurotoxins and fillers in South Texas. Although she is not a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist, being a medical doctor qualifies Dr. Le to pursue hands on training, preceptor ship, and continued medical education in cosmetic medicine. She has advanced every year to the highest level of competency and acquired new injection techniques from world renowned plastic surgeons, celebrity dermatologists, and leading anti aging physicians.

Dr. Le takes her patients ‘feedback to heart, and she has improved her own skills to deliver the most natural beauty enhancement with the least discomfort to the patient. Dr. Nhi Le shines through her work and many of her loyal and happy patients are happy to be beautified by Dr. Le.

Dr. Nhi Le shadowed Dr. Michael Gold at his dermatology clinic in Nashville, Tennessee. There, Dr. Le learned how to diagnose, treat, and perform common skin procedures. Dr. Gold is the world’s leading dermatologist and a beloved teacher. He is a leading investigator of several lasers, drugs, and home use devises.

Dr. Nhi Le learned advanced facial injections from Dr. Ava Shamban, the best celebrity dermatologist in Santa Monica, California. Dr. Shamban is the author of HEAL YOUR SKIN, and she is a frequent guest on many TV reality shows, The Doctors, Extreme Makeover.

Dr. Nhi Le learned from Dr. Charles Runels, the inventor of the Vampire Facelift how to separate the PRP and inject into the scalp, face, breasts, buttocks, as well as male and female genitals. Dr. Le also is able to inject PRP in any joints and tendons of extremities.

Dr. Nhi Le took advanced IV nutrition therapy classes from the most experienced physician who wrote the book on this topic, Dr. Mitchell Ghen.

Dr. Le treated her first patient at the US regenerative therapy clinic in Florida. This patient had end stage emphysema, was bedridden, and depended on oxygen around the clock. After she received her autologous fat regenerative cells and her PRP infusion she improved her lung functions, required less oxygen, and was able to do her activity of daily living.

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