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What is Anti-aging Medicine?

Traditional Medicine sees health as the absence of disease. Your doctor visit is to treat diseases or to find them at early stages. Traditional Medicine is not interested in your Vitality and Longevity or if you feel fabulous.

Anti-aging Medicine is concerned with optimal health and considers the physical, emotional and mental health. Anti-aging Medicine looks at hormones, organ systems, toxins, stress and nutrition as ways to create optimal health and also prevent diseases.

At Fountain of Youth MedSpa and Texas Medical and Wellness Clinic we use the above modalities in ways that mimic mother nature.

  • Do you feel tired all the time?
  • Are you not recovering from exercise like you used to?
  • Do you no longer feel refreshed after a full night’s sleep (if you get a full night’s sleep)?
  • Are you gaining weight, even though your eating habits haven’t changed?

Much of the way our bodies respond to age is due to the decline of our hormones. Even though your bloodwork, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, heart rate, and other “standard medical tests” can look great, you still may not feel as great as you once did. Why?

If you are over the age of 35, no matter whether you are a woman or a man, your hormones are probably no longer functioning at optimal levels. If you’ve pushed yourself to the point of exhaustion for a long time, adrenal fatigue can severely deplete your hormones.

Basal Metabolic

Measuring your metabolic rate can be easily done with the MedGem Indirect Calorimeter..

Bio-identical Hormones

Because many women experience significant changes in their health before, during and after..

Cardiovascular Wellness

Don’t rely on cholesterol alone to tell whether you are at risk of heart attack or stroke..

Custom Vitamin Programs

 Many people know the basics about eating right and exercising for good health, but for them…

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