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VolumaLift™ in Victoria, TX

VolumaLift™  was taught by Dr. Mulholland who is  an aesthetic artist, innovator and pioneer in the development of new cosmetic enhancement procedures. Two years ago, Dr Nhi Le trained with Dr.  Mulholland and was certified by the MDU (Mulholland Doctor University) to perform the VolumaLift™, the Dermafirm™, the 5 minutes nose job, Making beautiful lips, and advance Botox and dermal filler techniques.

What is the VolumaLift™ Treatment?

The VolumaLift™ is a procedure that is designed to bring back youthful beauty, vitality and attractiveness through the volumetric replacement of soft tissue that has been lost with age. The VolumaLift™ is a volumetric facelift, restoring “the fullness of youth” safely, effectively and non-surgically.  As the name itself implies, the VolumaLift™ produces a “rested” and “lifted” look

How is the VolumaLift™ treatment performed?

Your VolumaLift™provider will take an injectable gel product (Juvederm®, Juvederm VOLUMA®, etc.) and inject specific amounts of the product into the specific fat buttress regions, restoring the 3 dimensional structure to the soft tissue envelope, plumping out, filling and lifting the overlying facial skin and restoring the attractive “fullness of youth.”

How long does the VolumaLift™ take to perform?

Once you’ve finished your consultation and you and your provider feel you are a VolumaLift™ candidate, the actual injectable facelift and volumization takes less than two hours to perform

Are you a good Candidate for the VolumaLift™ Treatment?

If you appear more “tired,” sunken, deflated or hollowed then you’d like, you are likely a VolumaLift™ candidate.

If the tail of your brow is drooping, you have bags and/or hollows under your eyes, have lost your strong or full cheekbones, have deep smile and marionette lines, developed an early jowl, and have lost lip volume or have a droopy nasal tip, then you are likely a VolumaLift™ candidate.

Is the VolumaLift™ painful?

The VolumaLift™ is not very painful.  Dr Nhi Le and her nurse use Derma Sculpt Cannulas, there is no need for  local anesthesia prior to the procedure,  we use BLT topical cream to numb and Ice to chill before we open the port for the cannula, this procedure is painless and there is very little  chance of bruises . The injectable gel used during a VolumaLift™ is deposited very deeply along the facial bones, where there are very few pain fibers.  The injectable fillers are much more painful when injected into lines than when they are used deeply to contour and shape the face.  There is virtually no pain during or after the VolumaLift™ is completed.

Are there any risks to VolumaLift™ ?

The VolumaLift™ is very safe,  may experience some  swelling, asymmetry (which is correctable), as well as a very remote chance of allergic reaction or infection.  Lumpiness may occur, but is usually palpable and deep and not visible.  Simple massage will usually correct any lumpiness.

Can I combine my VolumaLift™ with other procedures?

Yes, the VolumaLift™ goes well with IPL®, Fractional skin resurfacing and Botox®,  the provider  may elect to combine several of the minimally invasive procedures together for best results

What results might I expect from the VolumaLift™ treatment?

It is reasonable to expect a pleasing, natural restoration of the volume shapes and curves that we define as youthful and attractive.  A youthful face has a series of attractive convexities and corresponding concavities, fullness of the brows, cheeks and jaw line that we define as attractive.  The youthful and attractive face is supported by deep buttresses of fat that lift and support the overlying skin and soft tissue, lending the contours of youth and beauty.

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