The Y LIFT procedure restores anatomical volume loss to the face instantly.It actually engages hyaluronic acid based fillers; structural volume lifting methodology and restructuring the leading edges.Y lift is an instant and minimally intrusive facelift procedure. The patient can feel and see the result within 30 to 45 minutes.

Method of Y-lift

There are two primary points on the face, first is top jaw and second is bottom jaw. The treatment focuses on these two leading edges that are technically called maxilla and mandible respectively.

Y lift is capable to restore and lift the face as the fillers are placed at the defined leading edges. For that procedure a blunt titanium instrument is inserted under the skin. It is exactly placed beneath the muscle and on the top of the bone.

Basically, the instrument lifts the muscle and then the filler is injected to hold the elevated muscle to its new place.

Most importantly: the instrument and filler used by us is FDA approved and does not give negative impacts on your health.

USP of the service by us

  • There is no downtime during or after the treatment
  • No surgery is required for Y lift
  • In fact, no cut is required for the procedure of your facelift; this is why anesthesia is not at all required

Benefit of Y lift

  • The result of Y lift lasts for around 2-3 years.
  • It can be availed by anyone of 20+ ages.
  • The treatment is not gender specific so anyone, be it, men or women can avail that perfect face.
  • It gives you defined cheek lines and perfectly defined jawline.
  • Fillers are used by hands so; no needle is required during the treatment.
  • There is no skin sagging due to this treatment.

If, you really wish to beautify your skin then we are here as an expert. With years of experience and 100% satisfaction rate by our customers we value excellence of results. With most competent services we are the leading Y lift service provider in the city.

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