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Fraxel Skin Resurfacing

Fraxel Skin Resurfacing

Number of treatments:   3 to 6 treatments done at intervals approximately 2 to 4 weeks apart.

The result you can see and feel

To repair texture and firmness, smooth lines and even pigment as well as acne scars.

Fraxel Treatment is a revolutionary new approach to skin rejuvenation. This one laser therapy allows improvement of the full constellation of aging changes in the skin. Fraxel treatment reduces the skin wrinkles along with improving in pigment irregularities and acne scars. Reaching deep into the skin’s second layer, the dermis, Fraxel helps to stimulate the body’s restorative abilities and thus new collagen and skin is formed. The process of controlled skin damage in small areas which are separated by healthy skin allows for minimal healing time and highly effective skin rejuvenation.

Skinfinity is another skin resurfacing treatment offered by the Fountain of Youth. This anti-aging facial solution is the first radio-frequency (RF) ablative treatment in the world, and it’s also the fist in Victoria, TX! Skinfinity uses a roller tip that glides across the facial skin to treat many different signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, and more!

Downtime: Patients can expect to return to daily activities right away or may require a bit more time to adjust.  Makeup may be worn to help alleviate some of the redness to the skin if desired and if the skin is not too sensitive to the touch. Every patient’s skin is unique so different recovery times are normal. Results will begin to show in about 2 to 3 months post treatment, yet every patient’s skin type varies.

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