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Lipodissolve: Kybella™ Fat Reduction in Victoria TX

If you have pockets of annoying, unwanted fat but traditional lipo is not an option, then you may consider lipodissolve. Lipodissolve is a new technique that utilizes a chemical formula, to dissolve and remove fat from different parts of the body. This results in a better figure, and a more attractive body. It is a safe, easy way to get rid of unwanted fat.

Liposuction remains one of the top plastic surgery procedures worldwide. Men and women seem to have an unquenchable demand to get that evenly contoured body, which often eludes them even with diet and exercise. Lipo is a popular procedure that is used to remove stubborn fat from areas like the knees, inner thighs, upper arms, and tummy.

The Lipodissolve difference

Lipodissolve procedure is injected directly into the fatty tissue, causing them to break down.

What make Lipodissolve different from traditional liposuction? For one thing it is not as invasive, and has few complications. Traditional lipo involves the surgeon having to make a number of incisions through which a small wand is introduced. This is used to break up the fat, which is then suctioned out using a cannula.

The chemical used in the lipodissolve procedure is injected directly into the fatty tissue, causing them to break down. The medications cause the walls of the fat cells to dissolve, and releases the fat into the body, where it is passed out during the natural elimination process.

In addition, lipodissolve has very little recovery time when compared to traditional lipo. Consequently, patients can resume regular activities almost immediately. Lipodissolve is a spot fat loss treatment and not a weight loss alternative. It is therefore not recommended for obese individuals.

The results of Lipodissolve are permanent, however, in order to maintain results, a healthy lifestyle of proper diet and exercise is important.  Unhealthy lifestyle habits can lead to the emergence of new fat cells, in areas that were previously treated.

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