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EDTA Chelation Therapy

EDTA Chelation Therapy

EDTA (EthyleneDiamineTetraAcetic Acid) is a synthetic amino acid that acts as a powerful chelating agent. Chelating agents have the ability to bond to metals and plaque and thoroughly remove them from the body. They were first used to treat patients with heavy-lead poisoning, as well as to remove contaminants such as mercury, aluminum, and cadmium from the body.

What is chelation and how can it improve health?

Chelation is the process by which toxic metals are removed from the body. It is thought to be especially useful today, because of the toxic build-up that can occur in the body due to environmental and other pollutants. EDTA has been found to be particularly beneficial for easing lead toxicity, which is often a precursor for heart disease.

Chelation therapy can improve health by removing excessive levels of toxic minerals in the body. These include, lead, nickel, mercury, nickel, and cadmium. However, it also removes good minerals such as copper, calcium, iron, and magnesium, from the body, therefore patients undergoing chelation therapy should take mineral supplements.

How does it work?

Chelation removes toxic metal ions, and can be used to treat some cases of cancer, as well as heart disease. EDTA is recognized as a calcium-blocking agent, and bonds to various minerals in the body, including calcium. It can remove excess particles of calcium and plaque from the arterial walls.In the chelation process, EDTA removes the calcium and fat deposits that obstruct the blood vessel.

Hardening of the arteries or atherosclerosis is one of the major contributors to cardiovascular disease. When undiagnosed, this disease can cause a narrowing or blockage of the arteries that supply blood to crucial centers such as the heart and brain. The arteries can begin to harden very early in life, and this may be due to several factors including high cholesterol, excess fat deposits, and calcium.

When the inner walls of the arteries become hard and thick, it affects their flexibility, making it difficult for them to expand and contract. As a result, it inhibits the flow of blood through the artery channels, which makes it easier for clots to form. These clots can block the regular blood and when this occurs, several organs of the body, including the brain and heart are deprived of critical blood supply.

When any type of metal or mineral, such as calcium, is chelated by EDTA, its original electromagnetic attraction is lost. As a result, the circulating blood is able to liquefy the fatty debris, which is then metabolized by the body. This action renders calcium-EDTA molecule inactive, and it is taken via the blood through the kidneys, and then eliminated from the body by way of the urine. This elimination process which involves liquefying and eliminating dangerous solids, is a natural process of the body.

Chelation was first used in the USA by Dr. Norman E. Clarke, Sr., a cardiologist in Detroit whotreated factory workers from a battery plant for lead poisoning. It is also used to treat degenerative diseases such as diabetes, stroke, kidney disease, and senility in countries such as Russia,Canada, Germany, and Mexico.

Chelation Therapy and Blood Pressure

While severe cases of high blood pressure is generally characterized by symptoms such as headaches, shortness of breath, and dizziness, mild cases often go undiagnosed. This is due to the fact that mild cases of high blood pressure do not exhibit any symptoms. When untreated it can lead to untold damage to vital organs such as the heart, brain, or kidneys, and may even result in death. Kidney failure is a common occurrence when high blood pressure goes undetected.Patients with chronic high blood pressure are normally in the 40-70 age range.

Pros and Cons of Chelation Therapy

Despite the benefits, EDTA chelation does have its detractors. They argue that the results are temporary and can change over time. However, clinical results indicate otherwise. These results have shown that EDTA is able to reverse atherosclerosis. Treatment causes the walls to regain their elasticity, and also improves blood flow. Consequently,the tissues, cells, and organs start to receive the life-sustaining nutrients needed.

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