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Fountain of Youth’s Exotic Facial

Fountain of Youth has a unique anti-aging facial that nourishes and hydrates the skin, to create a beautiful complexion, and a more youthful appearance. This invigorating facial was developed by our experienced estheticians, and is infused with antioxidants, alpha-beta hydroxy acids, and herbs to deep clean your skin, and keep it looking healthy.

This exotic facial is a luxurious blend of ingredients that are designed to nourish, hydrate, and protect the skin. As it deep treats, it stimulates collagen and increases cellular regeneration, to tone and tighten the skin. It also increases elasticity to leave your face glowing.

Exotic Facial Blend

Our exotic facial treatment will make you look beautiful. It’s the perfect beauty treatment to revive dull, tired skin on the face and body, and it will do wonders for the mind as well. The facial starts with deep steam cleansing to clean the pores, and prepare the skin for the exfoliation to follow. We make sure that every part of the face gets special attention, and you will immediately notice the difference. Your skin will feel refreshed and revitalized. Then we will cap off this invigorating facial with aromatherapy that will enhance your total well-being.

The SilkPeel facial. *Individual results may vary  →

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    Deep Cleansing Facial

    Our deep cleansing facial is designed to rejuvenate your skin. It combines deep cleaning to unclog pores and get rid of unwanted blemishes, along with gentle exfoliation to peel away dead skin cells. Our experienced estheticians will decide which exfoliating solution is right for you. However, you will be amazed at how beautiful your skin looks when it’s all over.

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