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Bio-identical Hormones

Bio-identical Hormones

Because many women experience significant changes in their health before, during and after menopause, they have traditionally used synthetic estrogens and progestins (hormone replacement therapy) to protect against osteoporosis and heart disease, and to alleviate symptoms like hot flashes and insomnia. However, recent studies suggest that synthetic hormones not only increase the incidence of these side effects, many women abandon traditional HRT very soon after beginning the treatments. This has led to strong interest in the use of naturally compounded bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). Compounding is preparing medicines tailored to each patient’s individual needs and offers them their choice of drug, strength and dosage.

Bio-identical hormones are derived from natural plant sources to produce molecules, which are physiologically identical to hormones produced naturally in the human body. Bio-identical hormones are chemically processed from precursors found in yams or soy plants, yet they are identical to those produced by the human body.

After a full consultation and testing, Dr. Nhi Le will determine the right bio-identical hormone replacement program that is right for you.

In order to help you out, the team at Fountain of Youth MedSpa & Wellness Center has developed some easy self-evaluations that you can complete, to help determine the real cause behind those symptoms.

Check out some scientific research on bio-identical hormones from Dr. Neal Rouzier, including that latest studies on the effects of hormone therapy on the body.

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