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Facial Vein & Redness Treatments

Facial Vein & Redness Treatments

Facial Vein & Redness Treatments

IPL Treatment for Facial Veins

Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a light based treatment that has been traditionally used to treat facial veins and redness. IPL machines release different wavelengths of light that target only the pigmented spots, leaving the surrounding tissue untouched.

IPL therapy gives the skin a much firmer appearance. It also reduces large pores, and stimulates collagen. The results achieved vary, depending on skin tone and the degree of pigmented lesions.

PLs are performed at 3-4 week intervals. This is done in order to properly assess the progress of treatment, and to make adjustments as required. The process is virtually painless, and patients say that it feels a lot like an elastic band snapped against the skin. But at Fountain of Youth Med Spa we have numbing creams and ice on hand for those who need it.

After treatment, you can expect the spots to look slightly darker. There may also be a little puffiness, as well as some general redness, but this should subside within a day or two. Regular activities can be resumed immediately.

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