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Hormone Test

Hormone Test

Are Hormones your Problem?

If you are having symptoms but can’t seem to pinpoint their cause, then our health team at the Fountain of Youth MedSpa & Wellness Center can help. Very often, unexplained symptoms are the result of hormonal imbalance. The essential hormones in women are estrogen and progesterone, while for men, testosterone is most important. When there is a hormone deficiency then if your physician is not checking for this problem, the diagnosis may be inconclusive.

The onset of puberty brings with it an increase in hormones, which peak at about age 28. By the age of 35, most women start to face a decline in hormone levels. However, for some women this occurs earlier in life, while for others, inadequate hormone levels is a perpetual problem.

Causes of Hormone Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance is often hereditary, therefore if you mother was affected by it, then there is a greater possibility that it will also be a problem for you.

STRESS can also be a factor in

Hormone Imbalance

 The reality is that stress-induced hormone imbalance is now so common, that it is referred to as adrenalin fatigue. Lower levels of adrenalin hinders your ability to handle stress, and also results in fatigue. In this regard, dealing with stress is of paramount importance in restoring hormonal balance. At Fountain of Youth MedSpa, we give you vital keys to help you handle the stresses of everyday living.

Birth control pills are another factor. These pills suppress thyroid function, which in turn inhibits your ability to lose weight, despite all efforts at diet and exercise. That’s why women who take BCP’s often put on weight easily.

Other possible contributors to hormone imbalance include the cleaning chemicals in your kitchen, the pesticides that remain on your fruits and vegetables, as well as the hormones injected in the beef and chicken you buy at the market.

All the factors mentioned above are known collectively as “hormone disruptors” and can contribute to a fall in hormone levels in the long term.

In light of the above, the Fountain of Youth MedSpa and Wellness Center remains committed to helping patients restore hormonal balance for healthy living. In order to achieve this goal, we design a nutritive-rich eating plan, alongside natural, bio-identical hormone therapy.

At Fountain of Youth Med Spa, we have developed some self-tests that can help determine if your symptoms are the result of hormone deficiency.

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