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Picosure Tattoo Laser Removal Treatment

PicoSure® –World’s first, worlds ahead

PicoSure is the world’s first picosecond aesthetic laser, widely recognized for its technology leadership, proven performance, and industry-leading body of clinical evidence. Capable of skin revitalization with virtually no downtime and all-color tattoo removal, it is a unique practice addition that will make both physicians and patients happy.

  • Acne scars
  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Pigmented lesions
  • Tattoo removal
  • 80+ publications & podium presentations

What makes it so unique


Unlike most other picosecond devices, PicoSure utilizes a 755nm wavelength that inherently targets melanin over hemoglobin which makes it ideal for treating pigmentary conditions.

In trillionths of a second, the 755nm energy relies less on the photothermal action of longer-pulsed devices, instead creating an intense photomechanical impact. This spares skin of high thermal damage and results in greater disruption of the target chromophore for better clearance with fewer treatments using less energy.

Additionally, and in concert, the 755nm wavelength is able to target black, blue, and green tattoo inks. Coupled with the optional 532nm delivery system, PicoSure can treat all tattoo colors with two wavelengths* – that’s right, PicoSure can handle Roy G. Biv.
And it gets better.






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