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Fractional Skin

Fractional Skin

Fractional Skin Resurfacing

in Victoria, TX

Fractional skin resurfacing are a very useful anti-aging treatment, because they treat fine lines and wrinkles, and improve sun-damaged skin. At Fountain of Youth Med Spa, we use fractional skin resurfacing solutions to rejuvenate the skin. An effective skin renewal program consists of 3-8 treatments at 3 week intervals. However, the number of sessions will be determined by the extent of the skin condition being treated.

What is fractional skin

Resurfacing and how does it work?

The fractional skin resurfacing laser targets the dermal layer of the skin. As it penetrates the skin, it treats damaged cells and also stimulates collagen. It does this while leaving the upper layer of the skin intact. The fractional laser is able to penetrate the deep layers where wrinkles and lines are formed.

The fractional skin resurfacing (FSR) applicator uses radio frequency (RF) energy along with bi-polar RF energy. Together, these create a cooling effect, which makes treatment comfortable and relaxed. In addition, they form an intense beam of intersecting light, which penetrates the dermis up to 2.5mm, and pre-heats the target tissue.

The fractional laser creates very tiny micro-injury points in the skin. These are maximized in areas where the heat is most intense. This has the effect of accelerating the healing process, which contributes to very little downtime with the FSR treatment.

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