Could Vitamin D Improve Colon Cancer Survival

Eat Smart appleYou know that vitamin D is important to your health: it can help you build strong bones, improve your immune system, and even help you chase away depression and mood disorders.

Now there’s just another reason why you should (safely!) soak up the sunshine or drink up that glass of milk:  new studies have shown that vitamin D could help improve the odds of surviving colon cancer.

The study – presented at the 2015 American Society of Clinical Oncology – showed that patients with higher levels of vitamin D in their blood lived longer and improved their odds of disease-free survival than those who did not have sufficient vitamin D […]

New Nutraceutical TA-65® Available at Fountain of Youth Medical Spa

nutraceuticals victoria txWhen it comes to looking and feeling youthful, creams, lotions, and other topical treatments can certainly help you maintain a younger appearance.  However, real anti-aging work needs to be done at the cellular level, as the aging process is ultimately determined by your body’s cell division processes.

Before a cell can divide, it needs to replicate all of the DNA material necessary for ensuring its survival.  This is a controlled and highly intricate process, where the double helix needs to be unwound in order for all the genetic material to be copied.  This process usually encounters difficulty when it reaches the telomeres, or the end of the chromosomes within the DNA […]

Nutraceuticals: You Are What You Eat!

South Texas NutraceuticalsIf you’ve ever heard the expression, “you are what you eat,” then you know how critical it is to fill your diet with loads of healthy foods, like fruit, veggies, lean meats and legumes.  But while your intentions for healthy eating might be there, that doesn’t always mean you follow through with them.  After all, life can sometimes get in the way of your pursuit of a healthy diet – and oftentimes you’re not sure if so-called “healthy foods” are really giving you all the nutrition you need.

So what can you do if you’re looking to incorporate better eating in your life?  Simple: make an appointment with Fountain of Youth […]

The Many Benefits of Melatonin Supplements

We don’t just live our lives by the clock on the wall; as it turns out, our bodies also have a unique clock that let’s us know when it’s time to wake up, and when it’s time to hit the pillow.  That internal alarm clock is known as melatonin – and researchers believe it may even be essential in turning back the clock on the aging process.

At the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa in Victoria, Texas, we firmly believe in seeking out the ideal treatments for our clients who want to look and feel their best.  That’s why we’re proud to offer melatonin supplements at our medical spa, as these […]

Can You Drink Your Way to a Youthful Appearance?

When it comes to your appearance, there’s nothing you won’t do to keep those wrinkles and fine lines at bay. You’re willing to invest in expensive face creams, make appointments to receive Juvederm injections, and even take handfuls of health supplements every morning.

If this sounds like your daily schedule, then it’s time to introduce yourself to a new approach to anti-aging. However, this new way of fighting off wrinkles and fine lines has nothing to do with skin creams or facial injections. In fact, it’s a completely new approach to stimulating collagen growth and plumping up your skin.

It’s the anti-aging secret everyone’s dying to know about – and it’s as simple […]

The Many Benefits of Testosterone

At the Fountain of Youth Med Spa we’re all about helping people look and feel young. It’s no secret that good nutrition and exercise are important for staying healthy. However, research has shown that hormones, both bio-identical and replacement hormones help fight Father Time. One of these hormones is testosterone.

Most people are familiar with testosterone. It’s a hormone that many professional sports leagues, and the Olympic, committee test their athletes for abnormally high levels of. Testosterone can help increase libido, control weight, increase energy and improve muscle growth.

Too much testosterone can have negative effects on the human body, much like steroids, but this is usually only a problem among […]

Achieve Energy and Longevity with Pure Encapsulation Vitamin Supplements

At the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa in Victoria, TX, there’s one request we see more than any other: “Make me look younger.”  While our fantastic treatments and services are designed to make you look young and beautiful on the outside, what happens when you want to feel younger?

Some health experts will say that age is all in the mind, but there’s no denying that the internal health of your body plays a huge role in your energy levels – and ultimately, your longevity.  Whether you need the energy to blast through this holiday season or you simply want to feel like a kid again, taking care of your internal […]

The Key to Anti-Aging is the Fountain of Youth

As we age, many people try different things to prolong themselves from getting old. Rogaine, face lifts, Botox and such are good temporary fixes, but they do not get to the heart of why we age. We age because our hormone levels start to decline.

At the Fountain of Youth Med Spa in Victoria, TX we can help determine your hormone levels and tailor a personalized program that can include any number of hormones. This plans work for both men and women.

The typical treatment for women who are experiencing menopause has been synthetic estrogens and progestins. This hormone replacement therapy, many medical doctors argue, should never have been approved by the FDA. […]

Bioidentical Hormones For Men and Women

When it comes to maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle, our body’s hormones play a vital role in keeping our energy levels active.  From testosterone’s many benefits – including an increased sex drive, greater feelings of confidence and high energy levels – to estrogen’s unique ability to slash risks of serious diseases and heart conditions, hormones are crucial to the health and well-being of both men and women.

However, sometimes the body simply doesn’t produce enough hormones to help the body function as it should.  For example, men who suffer from low testosterone levels often report suffering from inhibited sex drives, sluggish energy levels and lower bone densities, while women with low […]

Male Testosterone: A Surprising Answer to Your Low Energy Problems

If you believe that male testosterone is a hormone that exists purely as a sex drive function, then think again: studies have shown that male testosterone is one of the most effective ways to drop weight, increase energy levels and re-awaken a sluggish sex drive.

For those individuals who just can’t seem to roll out of bed in the mornings, male testosterone just might be the solution they’re looking for.  While testosterone is a hormone that’s primarily produced in men, women have lower amounts of testosterone as well; therefore, it’s possible for both sexes to suffer from too-low testosterone levels.  Patients who suffer from low levels of male testosterone are diagnosed […]