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Unwanted Tattoo

Unwanted Tattoo

Unwanted Tattoo

These days, tattoos have become so popular it seems that just about everybody’s getting inked. However, there are times when the tattoo that seemed so great when you were younger, can become pretty embarrassing when you are making your way up the corporate ladder.

Recent polls indicate that 21% of the American population sports a tattoo, but alongside that is another statistic that suggests that 1 in 8 Americans regret getting a tattoo. So if you are one of those people that now have tattoo regret, then don’t worry, because there are a lot others like you out there.

As tattoo regret continues to rise, so does the demand for tattoo removal procedures. At the Fountain of Youth Med Spa in Victoria, Texas, we offer very efficient laser tattoo removal services. The professionals here are able to successfully remove your tattoo irrespective of the size, or the color.

Laser tattoo Removal with

the Cynosure RevLite SI

Among the new options for laser removal that we have available at Fountain of Youth MedSpa, is the Cynosure RevLite SI. Unlike other tattoo removal lasers, the Cynosure RevLite is able to remove colors more efficiently, because of its double-pulse technology. This advanced feature delivers more power, and allows the laser to penetrate deep into the dermis where it breaks up the pigmented ink, so that it can be eliminated by the body.

If you need to remove an unwanted tattoo, then you can expect your experience at Fountain of Youth MedSpa to be a very fulfilling one. From your first consultation, to your last treatment, the personalized tattoo removal plan is so devised that you will know exactly what to expect throughout the treatment process, which may involve several procedures.

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