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Benefits of Bio-identical Hormones

bio-identical hormonesGetting old is a fact of life, but feeling old is more avoidable than you may think. We all know that exercising, eating well and avoiding cigarettes are important to living a healthy life into old age, but sometimes it’s not enough. As we age our homes change, and can have a negative impact on our daily lives.

At the Fountain of Youth Med Spa in Victoria, TX we understand the human body and how hormones affect you physically, mentally and emotionally. As men age, low testosterone becomes a concern, as it leads to lower energy levels, decreased libido, lower bone density and loss of muscle mass. Women, on the other hand, […]

Considering Bio-Identical Hormones For Healing and Youth? What You Need to Know

When it comes to preserving your youthful glow, you may think your only weapon in your anti-aging arsenal consists of expensive facial creams.  However, we here at the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa in Victoria, Texas know that successfully stopping the clock must occur from within as well.

That’s exactly where bio-identical hormones come into play!

What Exactly Are Bio-Identical Hormones?

It’s likely you’ve heard of hormone therapy, or the process of supplementing your body with synthetic estrogen, prostegins, or testosterone in the hopes of elevating energy levels, easing menopausal symptoms, and restoring the sex drive.  However, hormone therapy often fails to deliver on these promises simply because synthetic hormones only aggravate […]

The Key to Anti-Aging is the Fountain of Youth

As we age, many people try different things to prolong themselves from getting old. Rogaine, face lifts, Botox and such are good temporary fixes, but they do not get to the heart of why we age. We age because our hormone levels start to decline.

At the Fountain of Youth Med Spa in Victoria, TX we can help determine your hormone levels and tailor a personalized program that can include any number of hormones. This plans work for both men and women.

The typical treatment for women who are experiencing menopause has been synthetic estrogens and progestins. This hormone replacement therapy, many medical doctors argue, should never have been approved by the FDA. […]