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Why MINT™ PDO Thread Lift is so Popular?

As you know that the quality of our skin declines with age. As we grow older, our skin grows lax and we start getting fine lines, wrinkles, jowls, sagging skin, and other issues. To look younger and fresh, there are many options but Thread lifts are the most popular one. It can tighten your skin and make you look a lot younger.

Mint PDO thread lifts have successfully created its place in many facelifts alternatives. They restore the youthful facial appearance and reduce the signs of aging without surgeries, incisions or an extended downtime. A mint […]

Get Rid of Aged Skin and Wrinkles with Dr. Nhi Le’s Liquid Face & Neck Lift Procedure

Do you have wrinkles on face? Does it make you look older than your actual age? Well! You should know about liquid face and neck lift then. It is a non-surgical method to give you a wrinkle free and plum face with perfect neck that is equally supple. Liquid face and neck lift are elusive than any other dermatological lifting procedure. It does not involve any cuts, wounds, sagging or pain in the treated area. The procedure involves injection of dermal fillers into the skin that makes it covetable than before. It reduces sagging and wrinkles on the skin and ensures to […]

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What Is Non-surgical Neck Wrinkle Removal?

Neck wrinkle is the major symptom of an aging process which is a result of sagging skin and muscles around the neck area. When aging process is severely advanced, the jawline becomes less defined as sagging fat tissues accumulate under the chin. Even at young age, neck wrinkles may appear due to incorrect habits or excessive sunlight. Surprisingly many people underestimate the importance of neck skin age, but the neck skin is as important as the face skin as it represents the age as much as the face skin does. If you have not started to take care of the neck skin, it is never late to start now. Dr Nhi Le provides 1:1 customized treatment depending on the severity.

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