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Have You Heard of Testosterone for Women?

Instagram-image-option-for-Dr-KhromYes, you read that right!

Although testosterone is often thought of as a male hormone – after all, men produce 10 times the amount of testosterone than women – medical research has uncovered some surprising links between testosterone and women’s health.  It’s now believed that during menopause, the loss of testosterone – not estrogen – is primarily responsible for the fatigue, weight gain, and loss of libido that’s so common.

It’s not surprising, considering the important role testosterone plays in a woman’s health.  In fact, women produce up to ten times more testosterone than estrogen in their early reproductive years.  That means that focusing on increasing testosterone intake […]

Male Testosterone: A Surprising Answer to Your Low Energy Problems

If you believe that male testosterone is a hormone that exists purely as a sex drive function, then think again: studies have shown that male testosterone is one of the most effective ways to drop weight, increase energy levels and re-awaken a sluggish sex drive.

For those individuals who just can’t seem to roll out of bed in the mornings, male testosterone just might be the solution they’re looking for.  While testosterone is a hormone that’s primarily produced in men, women have lower amounts of testosterone as well; therefore, it’s possible for both sexes to suffer from too-low testosterone levels.  Patients who suffer from low levels of male testosterone are diagnosed […]