Dr.Nhi Le Explains New Skin Care Trends During COVID-19

Skin care trend in covid-19

Due to high interest in trying beneficial injectables for the treatment for skin health here’s how the Covid-19 pandemic is changing people’s approach towards skincare, especially mask acne. According to Dr.Nhi Le (Internal Medicine – Physician who treats acne, is trained at Harvard’s in aesthetic lasers. and certified in many cosmetic dermatological procedures), most of the patients are requesting injectables, laser hair removal and various treatments for acne caused by using face masks frequently.

When Covid- 19 cases started to spread rapidly all the dermatology centers were instructed to be closed. During this […]

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Now, #Newtox Jeuveau™ in Victoria

The Most Affordable Wrinkle Injectable 

Despite being structurally identical to the others (it’s even branding itself as #NEWTOX), Jeuveau is slated to be sold at a slightly lower price point as it rolls out in doctors’ offices this summer, and it’s poised to give its predecessors a run for their money.

Jeuveau (prabotulinumtoxinA) will likely prove to be a strong competitor to Allergan’s Botox for severe glabellar (frown) lines, with an analyst-predicted 20%–30% price reduction.

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