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Get Beautiful Skin with an Acne Clear Treatment

It’s hard to look good when you’re suffering from acne.  No matter how much makeup ads and facial cleansing products promise to clear it up, nothing delivers on its promise.  So you end up piling on the makeup or worse, canceling on plans whenever you have a massive breakout.

That’s not even counting the emotional and mental trauma you experience from acne.  Sporting a breakout or constantly battling massive pimples can make your confidence plummet and your self-esteem to be nonexistent.  You find yourself questioning your self-worth, your physical beauty, and your own attractiveness to the opposite sex.

If you’re ready to finally get the clear and beautiful skin you deserve, then it’s […]

Get Ready for Summer with an IPL/Photo Facial

Summer is nearly here again – and it’s time to shed that heavy winter make-up and bare your skin to the world.

If you feel like you’d rather skip the season and hide your face with scarves and hats, then not to worry: the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa in Victoria, TX can get your face summer-ready with our innovative and highly effective IPL/photo facial.

So how exactly does this unique facial treatment work?

Simple: the treatment involves a special non-ablative technology that emits light to counteract specific skin problems.  As IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, this means that the light is emitted in a series of pulses, wavelengths and intervals to target […]