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Is Laser Tattoo Removal Safe For Me?

tattoo-removalThat tattoo on your lower back seemed like a good idea when you were eighteen (it was actually seventeen…but no one needs to know).  Now that you’re older and much wiser, you’re not so proud of your tattoo anymore.  In fact, you’re so self-conscious about it that you cringe whenever you wear a bathing suit or bend over, thus revealing the colorful evidence of your less-than-stellar teenage judgment.

No matter what the story might be behind your tattoo, you’re ready to move on with your life – and you want to leave your tattoo behind in the dust.  Whether you need to get rid of an ex’s name or just aren’t that […]

Safe and Effective Tattoo Removal at the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa

That tattoo of a shooting star across your back may have seemed like a good idea when you were younger – but now you wish you could travel back in time and talk your younger self out of the idea.  While there’s no denying that tattoos can be a significant part of your identity, you don’t want to deal with a permanent reminder of that matching Celtic symbol you decided to get with your sophomore year roommate in college.

That’s why you need to find safe and effective tattoo removal – and at the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa in Victoria, TX, we can provide you with exactly that.  Our technicians […]