MINT™ PDO – Minimally Invasive Nonsurgical Thread PDO in Victoria, Texas

PDO Thread Lift

PDO thread lift is the trending minimally invasive alternative to surgical facelift procedures in recent times. It has produced very good results for the emerging cat eye, V-line, and snatched jawline trends. In the thread lift procedure, threads are inserted underneath the skin to instantly and effectively lift sagging skin. These threads are used on the face and the neck to lift sagging skin, but can also be used to lift skin on the body.

The reason behind its popularity is because in the thread lift procedure, it does not involve any kind of surgery. It is a minimally invasive and very safe and effective […]

Why MINT™ PDO Thread Lift is so Popular?

As you know that the quality of our skin declines with age. As we grow older, our skin grows lax and we start getting fine lines, wrinkles, jowls, sagging skin, and other issues. To look younger and fresh, there are many options but Thread lifts are the most popular one. It can tighten your skin and make you look a lot younger.

Mint PDO thread lifts have successfully created its place in many facelifts alternatives. They restore the youthful facial appearance and reduce the signs of aging without surgeries, incisions or an extended downtime. A mint […]

MINT™ PDO Thread Lift Can Do Wonders to Saggy Skin

No one likes saggy skin with fine lines or wrinkles and yes, we all make efforts to reverse the age impact on skin. People try many cosmetic treatments across the globe that are either expensive or invasive. Besides, if you are willing to opt for an effective, minimally invasive and long-lasting procedure then MINT™ PDO Thread is the one for you. As the name suggests MINT stands for Minimally Invasive Nonsurgical Thread. This procedure is generally opted for facial and neck skin but suitable for entire body. Earlier the thread lifting was done with permanent threads that made the skin look two dimensional and it could only be pulled in one direction. Whereas, PDO thread are FDA approved […]

Thread Lift and Its Usages

Threads, also known as magic threads, offer the possibility of rejuvenating the face, as a stretching effect so that the face regains its tension and freshness.

The tensioning threads are made of a biocompatible material, that is, they do not produce allergies (they are known to give stitches). This semi-invasive method lifts the flaccid skin of the face, in areas such as eyebrows, cheeks, jaw, and neck. Its ease of use and the short time the person remains inactive, have made it popular.

For people, silhouette tension threads, which are absorbable, can be an alternative to invasive procedures necessary to correct this type of problem. It is requested by those who want a stretch, but cannot afford or do not have the […]