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HCG Weight Loss in Victoria, TX

The Fountain of Youth Medispais an anti-aging and wellness center, under the direction of Dr. Nhi Le, M.D. For several years we have been offering a weight loss program using HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), and the results have been nothing short of amazing. Unlike many of the other weight loss options around, the HCG diet is effective in helping patients keep off the weight in the long term.

HCG Diet
The HCG diet is more successful, because it accelerates fat loss by resetting the body’s metabolism. This is one of the key reasons for the Diet’s success. Resetting the center of appetite and other metabolic functions prevents hunger pangs, and speeds up fat loss without causing muscle loss. Patients often lose 1-2 pounds per day, and 1-3 inches per week.

The hCG diet retunes the metabolic regulators in the body, namely the thyroid and the hypothalamus, and adjusts the communication with your pancreas and insulin. If you have tried other weight loss plans without success, chances are your hormones are the reason for your failure, therefore restoring balance can improve your chances of losing weight.
Despite the caloric restrictions of the HCG diet, which allows only 500 calories per day, patients don’t feel hungry.In fact, they eat real food and feel satisfied. The diet also allows you to choose your own foods within diet guidelines.
Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the diet is the close supervision of patients by physicians.Weekly visits with the physician and regular weigh-ins ensure that any corrections needed can be made quickly

Here are a few commonly asked questions about the HCG diet:
What is HCG ? HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone that is naturally produced by pregnant women. It acts as a stimulus for the hypothalamus to control metabolic function. It resets the metabolism, so that stored fat is effectively used up, but prevents the loss of muscle. hCG is available orally or as an injectable. However, only the injectable form has been extensively studied to determine long term effects. For that reason, we only use the injectable hCG at Fountain of Youth Medical Spa and Texas Medical Wellness Clinic.

Is HCG safe? HCG can be safely used by both men and women. The prescriptions that we use are all from licensed and certified US pharmacy. You can take a look at the testimonials we have received from our hCG Diet patients.

FDA Disclaimer: WOMEN and HCG weight Loss
Women are usually concerned about the possible impact of HCG on their fertility, however, HCG neither increases nor increases fertility. Because the dosage of HCG administered is so small, it does not affect your ability to become pregnant, or reduce the effectiveness of birth control.However, the HCG diet is not recommended for pregnant women or for those trying to become pregnant. It is also not recommended for women that are breastfeeding.

During menstruation some women on the diet have reported changes to their normal flow. However, these changes are usually temporary, and not considered a health concern. In the course of menstruation, women are required to make some minor adjustments. On the first day of full flow, they are required to stop taking the hCG for 3 days. Everything else remains unchanged.

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