Achieve Flawless Skin and Banish Skin Tags, Moles & Warts

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Achieve Flawless Skin and Banish Skin Tags, Moles & Warts

Most of us have had them: unsightly skin tags, warts or moles. Like acne, these skin conditions can make people self conscious about their skin, and often times there’s not much you can do about any of these conditions with professional help. That’s where the Fountain of Youth Med Spa comes in!

Skin tags, also known as acrochordon, is a small benign tumor that forms primarily in areas where the skin forms creases, such as the neck, groin and armpit. Skin tags are harmless and most of the time they’re painless. They are typically about the size of a grain of rice and they often raised from the surface on a fleshy stalk. It is believed they are caused by skin rubbing against skin. The are several ways to remove skin tags, but Dr. Le prefers to electrocauterize them, which is the process of heating tissue with electricity.

Moles, or melanocytic nevus, are a specific type of lesion that contains nevus cells. Most moles appear in the first two decades of one’s life, and these acquired moles are a form of benign neoplasm. Congenital moles, on the other hand, are considered a minor malformation and may pose a higher risk for melanoma, a form of skin cancer. There are many forms of moles, but it is best to get your skin checked by a dermatologist every year once you’re an adult, in order to spot and classify new moles.

Like skin tags, moles can be removed for cosmetic purposes, as most moles are benign. However, cancerous moles need to be removed immediately. There are several ways to remove moles, including with electrocauterization, but this is preferred for smaller moles. For larger moles (larger than 1 cm in diameter), Dr. Le will use the Fraxel Laser. For suspicious skin caner moles or lesions, Dr. Le will excise them or biopsy them and send them to a pathology lab for testing.

Warts are a small growth, typically on on’es hands or feet, that resemble a cauliflower. They are caused by a viral infection, by one of the many types of the human papillomavirus. Most warts are harmless, but they are highly contagious, and it is easy to get warts from others through broken skin. Warts typically disappear after a few months, but they can reappear again, and in some instances, last for years.

Like skin tags and moles, there are several different ways to treat warts. Some doctors prefer to use liquid nitrogen to freeze warts until they fall off. This treatment can be somewhat painful. Dr. Le prefers to use electrocauterization.

Keep in mind that before Dr. Le performs and minor skin lesion removal or destruction she applies a topical, or local, anesthesia to avoid pain! We also recommend a special cream or tape to reduce scarring and quicken the healing!

Don’t let unsightly skin tags, moles or warts embarrass you any more. You can permanently get rid of these skin conditions with the help of the Fountain of Youth Med Spa in Victoria, TX. If you’re in South Texas, including Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Port Lavaca or Sugarland, contact us today to learn more about these procedures.

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    […] Skin Tag, Mole, Wart Removal – Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin … If you have unsightly skin tags, moles or warts that you want to remove then contact the Fountain of Youth Med Spa, serving Corpus Christi, San Antoni. About Us · Blog · Bridal Package · Careers · Contact Us · Coupon · Facial Services · Gift Certificate · Guestbook · Home Page · Injections & Fillers · Laser Services · Massage Therapy · MD Weight Loss · Our Online Store · Photo Gallery . For larger moles (larger than 1 cm in diameter), Dr. Le will use the Fraxel Laser. […]

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