Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy: A Boon for Many

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy: A Boon for Many

Hormones play a vital role in your body functioning. They are the messengers that transmit the information to other body parts for proper functions. Glands produce hormones and enable you to perform your daily chores perfectly. Besides, sometimes many of us suffer from imbalanced hormone production that leads to many health issues. In this scenario, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a boon for such patients.  

From brain functioning to breakdown of your food, everything depends on the hormones. When the body stops producing them then bioidentical hormones are required. They are manmade hormones that perform exactly as the hormones produced naturally by the body. They are molecularly identical to the naturally produced hormones. Some of these bioidentical hormone replacement therapy providers follow compounded hormones whereas, most of them prefer FDA approved bioidentical hormones. Before, opting for any of the product you should ensure the purity and safety of the product. But before that you should know that, when is this process applied?

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Texas

There are certain conditions when a medical practitioner offers you the therapy. Hot flashes, foggy thinking, memory loss, menopause, night sweats, loss of energy are some of the critical conditions when you may need the treatment.  The treatment is to replace the hormones that have been lost, with the help of therapy. The bioidentical hormones can be delivered to the human body into different forms like pills, gels, spray, cream, and in some cases vaginal inserts in women.

The treatment is useful for both men and women and has benefitted tremendous patients around the world but make sure you go through the FDA approved therapies and products. Oversight of the therapy may include alarming risks that include: the increased possibilities of strokes, blood clotting, gallbladder diseases, heart diseases and breast cancer as well. Besides, sometimes the compounded hormones can be the better choice depending upon the patient’s condition. So, let your doctor advice you the best and then take the prescribed dosage. Generally, patients undergoing such treatment are very closely monitored by their doctor or service provider but, even if the patient feels any symptom then the first thing to be done is – tell your doctor immediately. Although, the treatment of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is absolutely safe and is followed by strict guidelines by FDA, sometimes, it does not suit the particular patient. In this case doctor will either change the dosage or the treatment method. This therapy has done wonders for many patients but still, you have to be watchful during the treatment. It may be wonderful for some and not so good for others; it all depends on the severity of your disease and additionally the resistance power. You can consult two or more bioidentical hormone replacement therapy provider before opting for the treatment. They are available online and you can easily take their opinion anytime and anywhere.

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