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Have you lately been thinking about brain health? What with information pouring in about how yours eating habits, both natural and pharmaceuticals and genetics can make changes in your brain! If you are curious and want to know more about the topic you can join us for a discussion on “Brain Health” at the seminar we organize on 14th February, 2019, Thursday. In the seminar we will cover a wide range of topics involving autism, attention deficit/hyper activity disorder, brain fog, Alzheimer’s, disease, depression and other such issues and will also learn how we can protect out brain with practical approaches.

You Too Need A Break

As an adult you also need a break from the routine and enjoy some play time. According to research studies play during childhood is much needed for brain development, however it should be continued even after we have attained adulthood.

Why? Have you thought about the white spaces surrounding the pages of a book and how significant they are? Actually they play a significant role in increasing the following:

  • Enhanced readability of text
  • Draw your attention to a particular point in the text when you want to focus
  • Enable you to comprehend the text that you are reading in a improved way

What happens when you read text without white spaces?

Your eyes will grow weary when you read text without white spaces. Your brain will overwork to differentiate information. Play work like white spaces in our life. It is possible for you to play without being serious all the time and actually we need that. Besides giving rest to our minds, emotions and bodies it also neutralize seriousness in our life and enable us to live freely. This greatly helps the brain by giving it adequate time so it can process, gain perceptions and refresh events and actions.

According to “Dr. Nhi Le opines”, we require to understand what play is by clearly defining it.  Heading a nonprofit organization dedicated to health, he says “play is practiced for its namesake. It gives us immense pleasure and advantageously it is voluntary. It engages you and takes your mind off the turmoil you are experience at present. The act itself is quite significant that what result it produces.”

When it comes to defining play, it can be finding a tidbit to make you laugh or spending time to learn a new thing. We are enclosing a list of things you can try out in Victoria and also links where you will find funny and cheery videos. This year you can find more ways to laugh and be merry, let yourself go and gain more white space. This will do whole lot of good for your brain.


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