Here Comes the Bride: A Truly Transformative Bridal Package

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Here Comes the Bride: A Truly Transformative Bridal Package

When it comes to the biggest day of your life, you don’t want to look “beautiful” – you want to look incredibly and astonishingly gorgeous.  That’s where Dr. Nhi Le’s unique Bridal Package comes into play: it’s a truly transformative bridal package that will make your biggest day your most beautiful day ever!

At the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa in Victoria, TX, Dr. Nhi Le knows that when you’re about to say “I do” to the love of your life, all eyes will be on you.  That’s why you need to look and feel your very best, which takes more than just a free makeover at your local department store.

That’s where the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa’s “Bridal Package” gets to work.  This Bridal Package focuses on transforming your look from the inside out, starting with holistic beauty approaches to these major bridal concerns:

  1. Unique Body Treatments:  There’s no denying that you want to fit into that gorgeous strapless wedding gown.  That’s why Dr. Nhi Le will work with you to design a weight-loss program that’s perfectly suited for your body type and needs.  By working with you six months prior to your wedding, Dr. Nhi Le can provide you with safe and effective weight-loss results that will last long after your wedding day.  Laser hair removal ensures that you look smooth, flawless and perfectly touchable.
  2. Glowing Facials:  You’ll look positively luminescent with the Fountain of Youth Medial Spa’s renewing and moisturizing facial treatments.  Our facials provide the perfect foundation for the next part of your Bridal Package…
  3. Makeup and Bronzing:  Whether you’re looking for a beachy bridal look or want to capture an elegant and glamorous makeup trend, Dr. Nhi Le’s makeup artists will accentuate your beautiful features.  Bronzing rounds out your Bridal Package, giving you a subtle and natural glow that will make you look breathtakingly stunning.

In addition to these benefits, the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa can provide both you and your future hubby with de-stressing massages.  We can treat the groom with a facial treatment that will unblock pores, soothe razor burn and bring about a photograph-friendly glow.

Want to get your bridal party in on the action?  Not to worry – the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa also offers discounts for your bridal party, so you’ll all look positively glowing from the inside out.

When it comes to your big day, don’t settle for a bridal package that’s anything less than the very best.  Contact the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa in Victoria, TX and start your journey towards ultimate bridal beauty!

Simply fill out the form in the top right corner, or give us a call at 361-576-9100, to learn more.

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