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Choose the best Laser Treatment in Victoria

If you are suffering from skin blemishes that leave scar then laser resurfacing procedure can take care of them. Our advanced Laser procedure can improve skin appearance, correct minor flaws and take care of issues like fine wrinkles, spider veins, uneven skin tone or texture, mild acne scars, skin damaged by sun rays and others. Laser skin surfacing treatment at Fountain of Youth is performed by our medical licensed staff and supervised by our physician. Our staff are well trained in the advanced laser technique and they will use 2 types of skin resurfacing techniques namely Ablative Laser and Non-Ablative laser treatment.

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Ablative Laser Skin Surfacing

In this procedure a thin layer of skin or epidermis is removed from the surface and the laser heats the dermis or underlying skin, which in turn kindles the growth of new collagen fibers. The wounded outer layer of the skin heals and grows the area of treatment will appear tight and smooth. The types of ablative laser used by dermatologists include CO2 or Carbon Dioxide Laser, Erbium Laser or mixture of both.

Non-Ablative Laser Skin Surfacing

This treatment does not peel the outer skin layer but only stimulates the collagen growth. Repeated procedure improves the skin tone and texture and it is done using different types of lasers including IPL or Intense Pulsed Light laser. It is non-invasive laser treatment which does not wound skin and will need less time to recover. However compared to ablative laser treatment this one is less effective.

When Laser Skin Surfacing is Administered

  • Fine facial wrinkles
  • Damaged skin by sun rays
  • Mild to moderate acre scars
  • Uneven skin texture and tone
  • Ageing spots
  • Spider veins

In both procedures fractional laser is used and it reduces the recovery time after treatment and also lessens the risks of possible side effects. With laser skin resurfacing you can make fine lines on your face disappear and improve skin complexion if it is the case of sun damage or scars. However for excessive sagging of skin, the procedure may not be effective. It is important to understand the exact laser resurfacing technique, possible risks and the probable results whether laser skin surfacing is the right treatment for you.

Initial Process at Fountain of Youth Medical Spa

Check your medical history: You must be prepared to answer questions about your past and present medical conditions and the medications you have taken or currently taking. will also ask about any cosmetic procedure you had gone through in the past.
Conduct a skin analysis: The doctor will examine your skin and the specific area that needs treatment. This will enable him to determine what changes are needed to be made and how your skin tone and thickness or other features will affect the results.
Discussing your expectations: The Dr. Nhi Le will talk to you about your expectation from the treatment, your motivations and the potential risks involved. It is important for you to understand these and their implications. You should also make sure to understand the time it will take to heal and what the outcome could be.

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