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Eliminate Spider Veins in Time for Summer

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Eliminate Spider Veins in Time for Summer

eliminate varicose veinsWhen it comes to rocking those short-shorts or looking stunning in your sundress, you’re feeling less than confident.  In fact, with the summer season just weeks away, you’ve come to find that you’re dreading the thought of exposing your legs in this season’s array of shorts, short skirts, and airy cocktail dresses.

The culprit?  Why, it’s nothing less than spider veins (also known as varicose veins).
If the thought of breezing through the summer in heavy maxi dresses has crossed your mind as a viable cover-up for spider veins, it’s time to visit the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa in Victoria, Texas.  Dr. Nhi Le and her team of talented medical estheticians, and nurse are committed to providing clients with the ultimate in innovative facial and skincare treatments, including the fading and removal of unsightly spider vein marks.
No matter where you spider veins may be located or how they were caused, you may discover that the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa can help you restore your picture-perfect legs again.

How Our Innovative Spider Vein Treatment Works

asclera before & after photoSo how exactly does our innovative spider vein treatment work?  Simple: Dr. Nhi Le uses a unique and highly effective injection known as Asclera to reduce the look of prominent spider veins.  Unlike other spider vein treatment, Asclera is a FDA approved prescription injection that was specifically designed to minimize spider veins.
Asclera contains an irritant that forces the small varicose vein walls to close up.  When this occurs, blood cannot go through the vein, which means that the appearance of varicose veins is immediately reduced.  In addition to this benefit, the prevention of blood flow through a varicose vein prevents the unsightly discoloration that is often so common with spider veins.
Asclera is an injection that’s delivered right to the spider vein, so you don’t have to worry that any healthy veins will be impacted.  In fact, Asclera is virtually pain-free, so you don’t have to take any time off of work to recovery from this treatment.  Plenty of patients pop in on their lunch hours, receive their Asclera injection, and walk out of the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa with their small varicose veins and spider veins vanishing.

Eliminate Your Spider Veins Today

If you’re ready to embrace the summer season with shorts and beautiful skirts, it’s time to eliminate your spider or varicose veins today at the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa in Victoria, Texas.
We serve all of South Texas and the gulf coast, including Corpus ChristiSan Antonio, Houston and Austin. Get ready for Summer today by filling out the form in the top right corner or calling 361-576-9100.

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