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Enjoy Massage Therapy at the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa

massage Victoria TXMassage therapy can be a great way to unwind after a stressful workweek, or it can help relax muscles that have been strained by intensive athletic training.  No matter what you need from your massage therapy experience, you can expect to achieve the kind of relaxation and relief that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

At the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa in Victoria, TX, we understand that our clients expect a diverse range of massage therapy treatments from our friendly holistic experts.  That’s why we work hard to ensure that we offer a number of massage treatments and techniques that can produce the results you’re looking for.  From the stressed-out mom to the intense marathon trainer, our massages will get you back on your feet and feeling great in no time.

Take a look at the kind of massage therapy you can experience at the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa today:

  • Therapeutic Stone Massage:  Heated river stones meet intensive deep-tissue kneading in this relaxing and revitalizing treatment.  Hot stones are placed on pressure points on your back, legs, and feet, helping your muscles to relieve tension.  Our clients often report feeling deeper levels of relaxation, which is why this massage therapy treatment is so popular at the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa.
  • Sports, Swedish, and Deep-Tissue Massages:  These full-body massages are perfect for people who suffer from high levels of stress and tension, as well as athletes who need to keep their bodies in prime condition.  These three massage therapy treatments can relax muscles, relive fatigue, and induce flexibility.
  • Cranial and Foot Massage:  Need to feel blissfully relaxed?  Try out our cranial and foot massage therapy, which uses specific techniques to help relax and relieve tension throughout the body.  Warming oil is added to the cranial and foot massage to help take this experience to the next level.
  • Personalized Massage:  Need us to treat a specific area?  Not a problem – we can create a personalized massage therapy program that can help treat your most tense and stressed-out body areas.  From your shoulders to your lower back, our personalized massage will be specifically tailored to your needs.
  • Back, Neck, and Foot Massage:  This is one of our most popular massage therapies, and for good reason:  a sedentary lifestyle often leads to extreme amounts of stress in the back, neck, and feet.  Choose this therapy session to relieve everyday stress from your body.

On top of the variety of massages that we offer, we also have two of the best massage therapists in all of Texas! Dorothy Simmons, LMT, has 10 years of experience, and Theresa Hopper, LMT, has 20 years of experience! Let their healing hands sooth your muscles and body with any of our relaxing massages.

Visit the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa today to discover the massage therapy you need to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. We’re located in Victoria, TX, just a short drive from Corpus Christi, Austin, San Antonio, El Campo and Sugar Land. Schedule you appointment by filling out the form on the top right corner or calling 361-576-9100.



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