Fight Back Against Wrinkles with Radiesse

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Fight Back Against Wrinkles with Radiesse

Ever wish you had the kind of smooth and flawless face that regularly lights up the red carpet in Hollywood?

You’re not the only one.  In fact, at the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa in Victoria, TX, we’ve been helping hundreds of patients achieve their ultimate dreams of erasing deep-set wrinkles and stubborn fine lines without resorting to expensive facelifts or spending endless amounts of money on useless creams.  By the time our patients walk out of our offices, they’ve smoothed away years from their faces – and best of all, it’s nearly impossible to tell that they’ve had work done.

So how do the experts at Fountain of Youth Medical Spa achieve this highly desired youthful look?  Simple: we use Radiesse, a volumizing filler that stimulates production of your own natural collagen.

As we age, our faces start to lose the elasticity that gave us that youthful glow of our teens and twenties.  This gradual change boils down to our body’s decreased production of collagen, a fibrous protein that gives our face the kind of volume that diminishes the appearance of wrinkles.  After years of sun exposure, laughing, frowning and squinting, our collagen breaks down, resulting in the deep wrinkles and fine lines that expose our ages to the world.

Radiesse is unique in that it’s not a temporary and superficial solution to aging; rather, it helps the body to produce more collagen, which then restores volume, vitality and youthfulness to the face.  What’s amazing about Radiesse is that it’s not just fantastic as a long-term anti-aging treatment; it provides astonishing short-term results as well.  As soon as Radiesse is injected into the affected areas, it instantly volumizes the face.  This sudden volume diminishes the appearance of any wrinkles, allowing you to instantly achieve the youthful look you’ve always wanted while your collagen levels are hard at work restoring your natural vitality.

Additionally, because Radiesse is a volumizing filler, treatment results can often last for up to a year or more in most patients.  Radiesse is also mixed with lidocaine, an FDA-approved drug which significantly reduces injection pain.

If you’re ready to capture your own Fountain of Youth with Radiesse fillers, then visit our Victoria, TX location to discover more about our skin rejuvenation treatments.  Our experts can use Radiesse fillers to treat deep-set wrinkles and fine lines, contour the face, eliminate the appearance of turkey neck and restore your youth and vitality.

Ready to believe in the Fountain of Youth?  Then head to the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa in Victoria, TX, where you’ll get your hands on the secrets to glowing youthful skin! Ask about our Radiesse specials for April. Call 361-576-9100 for details




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