Get into the Zone

Get into the Zone

Hi, I’m Dr. Nhi Le, and I’m a medical director  at Fountain of Youth medical spa. I’m also a huge figure skate fan, and have been for years.  In figure skate, you can’t rely just on skill and ability.  To be successful you have to want to win more than your opponents.  The unrelenting drive to win will give you a competitive edge both on and off the ice ring.  The same is true in professional life-especially in the economic situation we’re facing today.

My friends understand why they should show up in our clinic and medical spa for medical reasons, like hormone imbalance, obesity, syndrome X, skin infections and acne and annual skin checks.  What they don’t always see as so obvious, is how the aesthetic services help them get ahead-in a real and tangible way.

Looking Good:  An Investment in Your Career

It’s not fair, and it’s not especially rational, but studies show again and again that looking good can give you the edge at work.  It’s the better-looking, thinner, and younger-looking people who are perceived as more effective, and who tend to get new jobs, get promotions, and get paid more for the jobs that they have.  Recent studies from Rice University and Cornell University and surveys taken by MSNBC and Elle show that although perception isn’t everything-it’s a pretty big thing:

  • 61% of attractive male bosses got high ratings for being efficient at their jobs, 41% for average-looking males and then 25% for those classified as unattractive
  • 58% of attractive female bosses got high ratings for being successful at their jobs, while it was 41% for “average-looking” females and only 23% for unattractive females

And because of this perceived link between good looks and effectiveness

  • Attractive looking people will earn up to 3% or 4% more than “average-looking” people
  • This can be up to $230,000 more for an attractive person versus an ordinary person
  • An average-looking individual will probably make $140,000 in a lifetime than someone who is unattractive

Researchers also note that, although employers still value ‘experience,’ looking older in today’s work environment is not a plus: co-workers often judge aging employees as having less energy and being less effective.  Relatedly, the frown lines that can become more prominent as we get older can affect how we are accepted and rated in the workplace as well; appearing angry or upset can alienate colleagues and superiors.

Grab the Advantage

There’s a whole array of gender-specific treatments we can provide to spike confidence and really get you into the zone.

Male and female physiology is different, and skilled practitioners understand and take these differences into account.  I personally pride myself on my ‘Bro-tox’ talents, as well as my abilities to tailor injection techniques by gender and achieve very subtle but effective results.   From face peels to IPLs to lasers, there are plenty of treatments for both men and women that can reduce age spots and wrinkles and help skin look more youthful. We can also provide non-invasive fat reduction for love handles and abdomens, with no downtime; it’s a great way to trim down during a lunch break (and catch up on ESPN at the same time).

Next time you are in for a skincheck, ask for a consult on some of our anti-aging and/or fat reduction treatments.  Believe me-it’s a strategic advantage that will more than pay for itself.

Dr Nhi Le is the the expert in the Crossroads area in cosmetic laser and aesthetic dermatology, bio-identical hormones, and medical weight loss. She has 12 years of clinical experience treating adult patients in her internal medicine practice, and healing patients’ skin and boosting their confidence at Fountain of Youth medical spa. Call 361-576-9100 to schedule a consultation with Dr Nhi Le today. Fountain of Youth medical spa is located in the Whispering Creek Center, at 6234 N Navarro, Victoria, Texas.


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