Give Yourself the Gift of Beautiful Skin this Mother’s Day

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Give Yourself the Gift of Beautiful Skin this Mother’s Day

Moms it’s easy to put yourself last, between work, the kids, the house, pampering yourself is forgotten. We know it takes an effort to schedule some “me” time that’s why we’re here to help you stay fresh and feel your best with your skincare routine.

Here are some easy skincare tips to incorporate into your routine:

  1. Cleanse, tone and moisturize. These three steps are crucial to beautiful skin no matter your age!
  • Cleansing washes away pore-clogging dirt, oils and make up.
  • Toning removes excess dirt that may have been left over from cleansing, calms and restores your skin’s pH balance.
  • Moisturizer keeps your skin soft, supple and hydrated, which is an important element in anti-aging.

This is #1 because it is the most important (and so is sunscreen) to maintaining young looking, healthy skin.

  1. Sunscreen! Even if your make up or moisturizer has SPF, we recommend putting a light layer of sunscreen on after moisturizing to ensure those harmful UV rays don’t give you wrinkles.
  1. Exfoliate – twice a week. Buff away dead skin cells and reveal new beautiful skin with a gentle exfoliator. This tip isn’t just for your face; you can also exfoliate your entire body two – three times a week for baby soft skin!

Note: Don’t over exfoliate. It can remove new skin prematurely and cause inflammation, redness and dryness. You also want to avoid large beads that have irregular shapes that can irritate your skin

  1. Opt for a pro from time to time. We know you’re extra busy but it’s important to treat your skin to a facial once a month. Our professional techniques can cleanse your skin deeper, reveal new skin, treat discoloration and much more for faster results. Plus, our top-of-the-line masks and products will refresh and nourish your skin with ingredients that are designed to nourish, hydrate, and protect.

If you’d like a more personalized routine with products selected just for you, contact us at 361.576.9100 or request a free consultation with our staff Our goal is to keep you looking and feeling beautiful every day.

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