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How Can You Treat Toenail Fungus?

nice clear toenailsSummer is almost here, and that means the return of warmer weather, short shorts, and sandals.  But if you’re suffering with toenail fungus, you may not be as excited about the chance to show off your toes.  In fact, you may be wondering how to bury your feet in the sand so others won’t notice your toenail fungus.

Whether you’ve used over-the-counter treatments or have even enlisted the aid of a physician in your question for clear nails, the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa in Victoria, Texas can provide you with the superior answer to nail fungus removal.  Rather than using messy creams, antibiotics or other medications to remove the fungus, Dr. Nhi Le and her licensed staff members utilize a unique laser treatment to help you get clear and healthy toenails again.

How do you know if laser nail fungus removal in Victoria, TX is right for you?  If you’re suffering from the following symptoms, make an appointment to see Dr. Nhi Le as soon as possible:

  • Brittle toenails
  • Yellowing or discolored toenails
  • Thick toenails

Many anti-fungal treatments temporarily eliminate these symptoms, but they don’t effective cure the infection.  This means that while you may experience temporary relief from your symptoms, it’s only ever going to be short-lived.

laser toenail fungus removalThe PinPonte laser treatment at the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa is designed to put an end to the cycle by eliminating the infection in your toenails.  This laser treatment has been approved by the FDA, and is often believed to be one of the most efficient ways of getting rid of toenail fungal infections.  The PinPonte laser treatment is virtually painless, and it can be done in office over your lunch break (most treatments take about 30 minutes to perform).

In order to fully clear up the infection, patients should expect to undergo three to five treatments.  However, patients may see significant results even after a single session, which means you don’t have to wait weeks to experience relief from the infection like you would with oral or topical medications.  No adverse side effects have been reported with this treatment, making it an ideal choice for all patients.

If you’re ready to get your toes summer-ready, visit the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa today. Located in Victoria, TX, along the Texas gulf coast, we’re just a short drive from Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin, Port Lavaca, El Campo & Sugar Land.

To schedule your consultation, or to learn more, simply fill out the form in the top right corner or call 361-576-9100.

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