The Hydrafacial: Refresh and Revitalize Your Skin

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The Hydrafacial: Refresh and Revitalize Your Skin

Ready to resuscitate your winter skin with Dr. Nhi Le’s Hydrafacial?

It’s safe to say that winter is not the best time of the year for our facial skin.  Blasting heaters and unforgiving winter winds dry out our delicate skin, while days spent on the slope can lead to surprising cases of sunburn.  And don’t forget about the lack of a fresh and seasonal diet – after all, when winter makes its way to us, we’re predisposed to shun fruits in favor of heavy starches and comfort foods.

If your skin has been looking a little (or a lot) lackluster lately, it’s time to give it the TLC it deserves.  Head down to the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa in Victoria, TX today, and discover how Dr. Nhi Le’s Hydrafacial can get your skin glowing even in the dead of winter.

The Hydrafacial is an innovative and all-natural way to slough off dead winter skin and rehydrate the surface, thus giving you a glowing and revitalized appearance.  The Hydrafacial is perfect for pre-party preparations or regular winter maintenance, so you never have to sacrifice your skin to the harsh conditions of Jack Frost.

When you undergo a Hydrafacial at the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa in Victoria, TX, you’ll be treated to the finest, most refreshing hydrating materials available for skincare today.  The facial begins with a delightful cleansing and toning, which prepares the skin for the Hydrafacial.  After the cleansing, your face will be gently exfoliated with sweet milk, which removes any dead and dull surface skin.  A nourishing cream or deep cleansing clay mask will then be applied (this largely depends on your facial texture and skin type), which rejuvenates and moisturizes the new skin.  The Hydrafacial finishes with a relaxing moisture massage and a spritz of aloe mist to revitalize you.

As you can see, the Hydrafacial uses only the finest beauty materials.  And once you take a look at your newly brightened complexion and hydrated skin, you’ll be hooked on the Hydrafacial. Actor Travis Aaron Wade says “it is absolutely the best facial I have ever had in 10 years of L.A. living! I can’t wait to get my next HydraFacial and I’d recommend it to everybody!”

If you’re ready to refresh and revitalize your skin, then it’s time to head to the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa in Victoria, TX for your consultation with Dr. Nhi Le.  Once you see the results that our Hydrafacial can produce, you’ll want to immediately book your next appointment!

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