Learn More About Breast Cancer Screening and Prevention

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Learn More About Breast Cancer Screening and Prevention

Breast-Cancer-Awarness-Fountain-of-Youth-October is Breast Cancer Awareness month – and that means thousands of organizations across the country are rallying to inform the world about the causes, symptoms, and treatments for breast cancer. By raising awareness, it’s hoped that more women (and men!) will prioritize keeping themselves healthy, as well as engage in regular breast cancer screenings.

At Fountain of Youth Medical Spa in Victoria, Texas, anti-aging expert Dr. Nhi Le and her staff members are committed to helping clients learn more about breast cancer, including what steps they can take to minimize their risks for developing this disease. With 1 in 8 women estimated to be diagnosed with breast cancer within their lives, it’s more important than ever to give people the information they need to stay healthy and cancer-free.

Dr. Le recommends taking the following steps to cut down on your risk for developing breast cancer:

• Limit your alcohol intake. Multiple studies have shown that drinking more than one drink per day can greatly increase your risk for developing breast cancer.

• Same rule applies with smoking. In addition to increasing your breast cancer risk, smoking can make it more likely that you’ll develop heart disease, lung cancer, and other deadly diseases.

• Be physically active. In addition to controlling your weight, being physical activity for 30 minutes each day can help slash your risk for breast cancer.

• Ensure that a professional administers any hormone therapy. At Fountain of Youth Medical Spa, Dr. Le ensures that all hormone therapy treatments are done with your health and safety in mind. That way, you can enjoy the youth-enhancing benefits of hormone therapy without worrying about your health.

• Undergo regular screenings for breast cancer. Getting a mammogram is still one of the best ways to stay healthy, as your physician can catch any cancerous tumors at their earliest stages.

For more information on how to keep yourself healthy and happy for life, schedule a consultation with Dr. Le at the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa in Victoria, Texas today. Call (361) 576-9100 to learn more.


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