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Men’s Health Treatments at the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa

Men, let’s face it: your health is critical to your success in both your personal and professional lives.  Whether you’re running around the office or running around the town with that special someone, living your life to the fullest is dependent upon how you look and feel.

And it’s safe to say that unless you’ve discovered the men’s health treatments at the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa in Victoria, TX, you’re not living up to your maximum potential.

That’s why the talented and dedicated professionals at the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa (serving Corpus Christi, Port Lavaca, San Antonio, Houston and Austin) have developed leading treatments for men who want to experience weight loss, skincare rejuvenation, increased testosterone, or all three.  Developed by Dr. Nhi Le, these treatments will make you look and feel like a new man.

Take a look at the kind of treatments you can experience when you visit the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa:

Skincare Rejuvenation

You may feel young at heart – but unless you’ve been keeping up with a strict anti-aging skincare regimen, your facial skin is letting you down.  Perk up and restore your youthful appearance with a range of fantastic skincare rejuvenation treatments from Dr. Nhi Le.  From deep cleaning facials and chemical peels to dermabrasions and Botox injections, all rejuvenating skincare treatments have been designed to give superior results within a short period of time.

Men who spend a lot of time working outdoors can also suffer from dry, weathered skin. Also, working in the sun on a daily basis can put men at a greater risk for skin cancer. Dr. Le offers products to protect your skin, slow down aging and even revitalize dull skin! Just don’t be surprised if all your friends want to know your secrets to your new youthful appearance.

Medical Weight Loss

No one wants to have those extra pounds hanging around their hips – especially when you lead such a busy lifestyle.  If do-it-yourself diets and exercise regimens leave you feeling frustrated, Dr. Nhi Le’s medical weight loss program will have you shedding fat quickly and safely.  This MD weight loss program features physician counseling, nutrition supplements, customized fitness plans, appetite suppressants and more.  Within a matter of weeks, you’ll be feeling strong, fit, and incredibly energetic.

Testosterone Therapy

Are you suffering from decreased muscle mass, loss of concentration, and a low sex drive?  You may need more testosterone – and that’s exactly what you’ll receive with Dr. Nhi Le’s bioidentical hormone therapy.  Thanks to our advanced bioidentical hormone therapy, you’ll increase your sex drive, reduce your risk of diabetes, and feel more confident.

Massage Therapy

Men work hard. Whether it’s a physical day job working with their hands and on their feet or after hours at the gym. While it’s obvious the kind of physical exertion most men go through on a weekly basis, there’s also the mental every day stress of running a business, paying bills and taking care of children. A relaxing massage can help both physical and mental stress. All of our massages are tailored to each client’s needs. A sports massage is ideal for the weekend warriors, while a deep tissue massage is better for those with muscular-skeletal disorders or bad backs. Take care of your body with a massage from the Fountain of Youth.

Body Contouring

There’s nothing more embarrassing for a man than having loose or flabby skin. Even men who successfully lose weight often still have to battle with loose skin. Dr. Le offers several solutions for tightening up skin in different areas on your body, including facial skin tightening, fractional resurfacing and Endymed Pro technology with 3 DEEP, which not only tightens skin, but also breaks up fat.

When you’re ready to be at your peak physical and mental health, visit Dr. Nhi Le at the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa in Victoria, TX.  Located just outside of Port Lavaca near the gulf coast, we’re just a short drive from Corpus Christi, Austin, San Antonio and Houston. Fill out the form in the top right corner or call us at 361-576-9100 to learn more.

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