Plasma Pen – The Safest and Non-Surgical Treatment for Skin Tightening

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Plasma Pen – The Safest and Non-Surgical Treatment for Skin Tightening

Plasma pen is one of the most advanced and non-surgical technologies for skin tightening, face lifts and much more. Unlike other treatments the plasma pen therapy does not damage any surrounding tissue of treated area. There will be no open wounds or skin thinning during the treatment. It is virtually painless or you may experience minimum level of pain with negligible downtime. It is an FDA cleared plasma energy device that converts electrical energy to gaseous diatomic molecular nitrogen. It is further transmitted to the skin’s surface to eradicate fine lines, wrinkles and other aging effects on skin.

Due to the high success rate of this therapy, it is highly popular around the world. If, you are also looking for plasma pen therapy for flawless skin then you can consult Dr. Nhi Le in Victoria, Texas. She is an expert dermatologist with almost two decades of experience in cosmetic treatments. Mentioning varied benefits of the treatment there are hundreds of happy and satisfied clients in Victoria.

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What is plasma pen therapy used for?

It is a non-surgical skin tightening procedure around the body that ensures quick results with minimal downtime and pain. It can dramatically lift and sculpt the facial features, face and neck with tissue stability in future. Whether you have medium or deep wrinkle issue, this plasma pen therapy ensures partial or complete eradication (depending upon number of sessions you take). Basically, skin tightening, regeneration, skin lifting and rejuvenation is easily possible with plasma pen treatment.

How does plasma pen therapy work?

Plasma pen therapy aims fibroblasts that are collagen and protein producing cells. It is present in dermis (skin layer exactly below your outermost skin layer). Under this therapy a pen like device discharges a high frequency electric current to the target skin area that further breaks down the protein in skin and enhance the regeneration of tissue. This therapy also encourages fibroblast activity that effectively causes tissue tightening.

Dr. Nhi Le suggests the treatment only for those who “Do Not” have any allergy with topical anesthetic preparations. You should not have any infection in the area of treatment and not using isotretinoin. Moreover, if you are pregnant or breast feeding then you should not take-up this treatment. If, you do not fall under any of these categories then plasma pen treatment is the right therapy for you. You can easily fix your appointment online with Dr. Nhi Le.

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