PRP treatment for Hair Restoration and Alopecia at the same time!

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PRP treatment for Hair Restoration and Alopecia at the same time!

Pollution is the most prominent reason of hair fall these days. You can see a lot of people facing balding issues. There are so many solutions available today but the most promising technology among other hair restoration process is PRP. The term PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. It is a three step process that strengthens your hair follicle to regrow the lost hair. It enhances the blood supply to the same and provides effectual results to the person. In fact, the results of the treatment have exceeded the patient’s expectations

How does PRP work?

As I have already mentioned that it is a three step process, now I will provide you the details of the treatment. The treatment is really simple and easy to go through.

  • First of all, the blood from any part of your body is drawn. It is generally taken from the arm of a person. Now it is kept in a machine called centrifuge. The task of this machine is to process the blood and separate the fluids of different densities.
  • Later after 10 minutes when the blood has been separated with three different fluids naming poor platelet plasma, platelet rich plasma and RBC (red blood cells).
  • Now at the final stage the Platelet Rich Plasma is taken into a syringe and injected to the different areas of the scalp where new hairs are required.

There are certain studies that justify the process and its efficacy.Many researches have defined the process as effective and safe treatment for hair restoration. You can go through the treatment after some medical queries by your doctor. Person with certain ailments cannot undergo the treatment. The treatment is equally effectual for other ailments that include skin rejuvenation, and enhancement of sexual organs.

Why PRP?

ThePRP hair restoration treatment hasearned the popularity and frequency in recent years. The patients across the globe have acknowledged the results with long term benefits and no or negligible side-effects. It is an admirable, non-surgical treatment with hardly any downtime.

There are enormous reasons that endure patients to opt for the treatment.

  • Easy and effective process
  • Does not include cuts and surgeries
  • Pocket friendly treatment with very high success ratio

Can alopecia be cured by PRP treatment? Researches demonstrate that PRP is highly effective therapy for patients suffering from alopecia as well. Many of us take pattern baldness or any type of hair loss as external factor due to climatic change or pollution or change of food and water, in fact, many of us take hair loss as natural age factor. Besides, it can also be alopecia and you should get it checked if you see any of these factors regardless of your age or gender. Pattern baldness is one of the most prominent indications for the same; and seriously, PRP is the best method to treat any of the restoration and rejuvenation process. You can get the best services for the treatment online and get an appointment there as well.

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