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A Secret Weapon to Fight Oxidative Stress – Revealed

You know that aging is inevitable.  But let’s face it: that thought isn’t exactly comforting when you’re staring at the wrinkles and fine lines starting to form on your face.  And you could’ve sworn that a couple of weeks ago, you spotted your first gray hair.

You’re not ready to let the aging process make itself known on your face and body.  You still feel youthful and energetic – so how can you make what you feel on the inside match how you look on the outside?

If you think you need to invest a month’s paycheck into expensive skin creams, think again.  The real culprit behind those fine lines is oxidative stress – and if you want to turn back the clock, you need to fight back with a secret weapon known as Protandim.

So exactly is Protandim, and how does it help you look and feel ten years younger?

Protandim:  Age-Defying Results with a Simple Health Supplement

Here at the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa in Victoria, TX, we know that oxidative stress is one of the biggest contributors to those fine lines, wrinkles, and gray hairs you’re starting to see.  Oxidative stress builds up throughout the course of our lives due to constant exposure to pollution, poor dieting, and of course, stress.  This creates a build-up of toxins and free radicals within the body, which makes our skin look dull and our hair start to go gray.  These free radicals are also responsible for making you feel sluggish, tired, and rundown.

That’s exactly where Protandim comes into play.   This unique health supplement is made up of phytonutrients, which works with the body to create a super antioxidant.  This antioxidant is known as SOD CAT (superoxide dismustase catalyse), and it is one of the most powerful enzymes that fight excess free radicals within the body.  Research supports these claims: studies have shown that Protandim can create enough SOD CAT enzymes to destroy tens of millions of free radicals in just seconds.

This means that in just a matter of days, you can be on your way towards achieving a more youthful appearance – complete with tons of energy and a new lease on life.  And all you have to do is take a simple health supplement.

If you’re ready to experience the power of Protandim, contact the Fountain of Youth Medical Spa. We’re conveniently located in Victoria, TX, just a short drive from Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Austin & Houston. To learn more simply fill out the form in the top left corner or call 361-576-9100.



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