Simple Steps For Improving Your Nutrition

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Simple Steps For Improving Your Nutrition

Simple Steps For Improving Your NutritionImproving your nutrition is an important step for achieving so many goals.  Whether you want to lose weight or make your skin appear to glow from within, getting proper nutrition can have a myriad of amazing benefits.

Of course, improving your nutrition might be easier said than done.  With so many confusing labels on our foods today, it can be difficult to understand what you’re really getting from your food.  So how can you make improvements to your diet without feeling like you need the expertise of a nutritionist?

Here are a few simple steps for improving your nutrition:

  • Only eat carbs when you’ve worked out.  Carbs – especially those made from whole grains – are essential to your body, but not in excess.  If you limit carbs to the days you work out, you can ensure your body is using carbs as energy, not to store fat.
  • Pay attention to liquid calories.  You might not realize it, but consuming daily lattes made with whole milk and knocking back a couple of drinks after work can pack a serious caloric punch.  What’s more, these drinks can actually deplete your body of much-needed vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrition.  If you have to get your daily latte, make sure it’s made with non-fat, soy, or almond milk.
  • Cut out sugary sodas and juices.  This is one of the easiest ways to cut out hundreds of calories, especially if you have a daily habit of consuming soda and juice.  Even diet sodas should get the heave-ho, as artificial sugars can mess with your energy levels as well as your metabolism.
  • Add a fruit or a vegetable to each meal.  This is an easy way to ensure you get the nutrition you need, as fruit and veggies contain a number of important vitamins and minerals.  Add a salad to your dinner meal, or eat a banana with your breakfast.  If you make this a daily habit, you’ll see a real boost in your energy levels and weight-loss effort.
  • Pick your foods wisely at restaurants.  Avoid dishes that are made with creams or fried, and instead order dishes that have been baked, broiled, or steam.

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