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SKIN CANCER AWARENESS MONTH – Texas Medical & Wellness Clinic

According to the resources, it was claimed that 1 in 5 Americans develop skin cancer in their lifetime. In May, we saw several people suffering from skin cancer and Melanoma awareness month that holds hopes to raise awareness related to the prevention of skin cancer. We strive to motivate people and educate them to avoid the risks of developing potential skin cancer. We all know that skin cancer is quite challenging to overcome. The bit you can surely protect your skin in several processes this summer.

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When the skin cell starts to grow abnormally then skin cancer occurs. Skin cancer is very common and develops on the specific areas of your skin that are more exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun rays. There are several types of skin cancer. Melanoma is skin cancer which is considered the most harmful skin cancer. It is crucial to take proper precautions to avoid sun rays or UV rays to reduce the risk factor of skin cancer.


Seek shade:

If you can, make sure to seek shade. If you are headed to any specific area then make sure to bring a large umbrella with you. You can also bring a canopy to get a place for shade.

Wear Protective Clothes:

Wear defensive attire like caps, long-sleeved shirts, or shades. These pieces of clothing can give additional security and forestall undesirable burns from the sun.

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You can prefer to use waterproof broad-spectrum protection to avoid the sun rays that are SPF 30 or even more. Make sure to reapply the sunscreen every two hours or you can prefer to use it as per the description mentioned on the package.

You can also perform some self-examination to figure out the signs of symptoms of skin cancer. You can take a referencing to the American Academy of Dermatology infographic to figure out the cases. If you are not sure about the signs and symptoms of skin cancer then make sure to consult a dermatologist. Dermatologists will perform proper diagnosis and treatment to cure skin cancer effectively. Texas Dermatologist is considered as the most dedicated place that provides qualify skin cancer treatment to patients of all ages. You can book your appointment easily.

NEW! TIZO Sunscreen Sampler:

Product Description:

Make sure to use the four best-selling mineral sunscreens. Mainly each sunscreen is free of chemical sunscreen filters, dyes, oils, and preservation. Mainly the collection of sunscreen includes four mini tubes that contain titted, non-tited, matte, and moisturizing touches. It is an ideal solution to figure out the best daily protection product. You can stock up on travel essentials as well.

Sampler includes:

  • The sample includes TIZO Phytoceuticals AM Replenish Lightly Tinted SPF 40. It also consists of zinc oxide that is potentially beneficial for protection and ceramides. This helps to restore the layer of lipid.
  • The sample of TIZO3 Facial Primer/Sunscreen Tinted SPF 40 comes with a matte finish. It’s a sheer tinted sunscreen that allows users to double the makeup primer.
  • TIZO Ultra Zinc Tinted SPF 40is very effective as it helps to reduce the risk of skin cancer. This product moisturizes the sunscreen blinds. It is invisible on the darkest skin as well. This product provides a soft and elegant touch.
  • TIZO Ultra Zinc Non-Tinted SPF 40 blends on all tones of skin. This product is suitable for sensitive and easily irritated skin as well.

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