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Special Bridal Package

Summer is almost here, and with the heat and sunshine comes wedding season! With the big day comes big preparation. Of course there are all the months of planning out the day itself, but the one thing you certainly don’t want to overlook is yourself and how you look.

The Fountain of Youth Med Spa, located near the Texas gulf coast in Victoria, provides limitless wedding services for brides and grooms alike. In fact, Dr. Nhi Le, owner of the Fountain of Youth, has wedding services for all wedding attendees. Mom’s of both the bride and groom can take year off their face with any number of our facial services. Dr. Le’s numerous weight loss specials can help Moms, or Dads, lose weight before their children’s wedding day

Dr. Le can also help the bridesmaids prepare with similar weight loss plans. Whether you have four weeks or four months to prepare, we can tailor a plan to help you slim down safely. Also, bridesmaids can take advantage of our wedding day makeup, capturing your true elegance.

For the bride and groom, Dr. Le offers many different services to get you ready, looking your best and stress free! We offer brides special facials to keep their skin moisturized and glowing, as the center of everyone’s attention. In addition, our laser hair removal treatments can help smooth and soften all areas of your body.

For the groom, our facials focus areas men tend to neglect by unclogging pores, treating razor burn, hydrating the skin and even shaping those bushy eyebrows!

For both the bride and groom we offer specialized weight loss plans based on your body type, goals and proximity to the wedding date.  We also offer a variety of massages for both the bride and groom, all with the goal of invigorating the body and releasing stress.

Our bridal services can cater to the bride, groom, bridesmaids and more. We even offer all-inclusive bridal party services & packages, as well as couple’s retreats. We offer many different group discounts & specials so please call to learn more.

If you’re planning a wedding, or have one planned for the upcoming Summer months, and you’re in the South Texas area, from Corpus Christi to Austin to Houston, then you need to talk to Dr. Le about helping you look and feel your best! To learn more simply fill out the form in the top right corner or call 361-576-9100.

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